Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hershey's Six Bunny Packs

Last year after Easter I went shopping and found several chocolate items.  I don't know whether or not you'll still be able to find these six packs of Hershey bunnies or not but let me share how they were well over a year ago.  Hang on, here goes our time machine, Sisters and Brothers.

The Cookies 'n' Creme bunnies are not really white chocolate. Sure there is cocoa butter but it is merely the first of five different ingredients listed under "vegetable oil."  There is cocoa and chocolate in the cookies but wouldn't you think that Hershey could also come up with a good white chocolate?  There's my challenge to Hershey if any of them are reading this review: Make real white chocolate and share it with the world.  Back to the bunny.  The cookies are crunchy and cocoa intense and that stands out against the creamy white stuff.

On the other hand the Milk Chocolate bunnies are made from chocolate and cocoa butter and has no added fats or oils.  This makes it real chocolate and worthy of our reviewing.  This bunny is pretty much identical to the previous non-chocolate cousin.  It has that Hershey's milk chocolate scent and each bunny is 1.2oz is you get a good amount of chocolate.  There is good detail on the front of the bunny and he looks very happy. It has a chocolatey and creamy flavor as well. Just what we expect from Hershey.

So have you seen these available in your stores this year?

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