Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Russell Stover Bunnies!

I thought last year that I had seen all of the varieties of Russell Stover's chocolate bunnies but then with the after holiday sales I found.  Count them, yup that's correct, you see five varieties!  At this rate the increase of varieties of their chocolate bunnies is starting to mimic the reproductive capabilities of actually bunnies.  We'll look at these in increasing level of chocolate ingredient intensity.

We start with "Cookies and Cream" and just like 99% of every brand that makes this category this is oil and dairy based white stuff with cookies added; in this case the only cacao related ingredient is the cocoa for said cookie pieces.  The cookies are very crunchy but frankly they just can't overcome the sharply vanilla white stuff.  I can't recommend this one, Sisters and Brothers.

The "Caramel Milk Chocolate" bunny has chocolate and cocoa butter; the next two bunnies have the same ingredients so I organized them according to what I think their chocolateness will be. The bulk of the caramel is in the head and body but surprisingly the ears of a little bit as well   The caramel is more sweet than tangy while the chocolate is very creamy.  Choose this if you or your loved one really prefers very, very sweet chocolate.

The "Kris P. Pretzel" bunny in milk chocolate show specks of pretzel through the chocolate; I hope you can see that in our photo.  This has more sodium than the other varieties because of the pretzel pieces but still not as much as a handful of pretezels by themselves.  In terms of the flavor the salt really comes through strong as you crunch up a bite and I found it overwhelming personally.

What to know how huge our next bunny is? Just telling that this is a 7oz versus a 3oz bunny means little to most of your reading so look at this photo comparing the previous bunny with the crispies one.

The Crispies and Milk Chocolate bunny is identical to the others in terms of the etched designs on the same basic bunny form.  As with the previous bunny you can see hints of the crispies through the milk chocolate.  This is even more crunchy than the pretzel bunny and it has almost no salt flavor so the creamy milk chocolate come through strong.  It is a bit huge so share it, trust me, share this or eat it over several days otherwise one of these bunnies has well over 1000 calories!

Finally there is a Dark Chocolate bunny from Russell Stover and you can see the difference in this photo comparing the dark with their traditional milk chocolate bunny.  See the difference?  Can you tell which is dark and which is milk?

The Dark Chocolate Bunny has chocolate, cocoa butter, and cocoa in it so it is the most intense of these five varieties.  It has zero sodium and no dairy (obviously) so this should be good, pure chocolate.  It has a slight bitterness that you should get with darker chocolate but also surprisingly a creaminess and hint of vanilla as well.

There you go, Sisters and Brothers.  How many of these varieties of bunnies from Russell Stover have you tried?  Are there any new ones out that we need to know about here on The Chocolate Cult?

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