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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tons of Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Some days I feel overwhelmed by the samples we get to test and share with you all around the world.  Some days I'm so blown away by the quality of the products that I just want to tell you to go buy them.  Some days there is so much to write that our feature can't go live for hours after the normal time.  Today's post is based on one of those "some days" starting back on Wednesday and ending today. Now let me assure you that Your Chocolate Priestess did NOT eat all of these, I didn't even try all of these, only one of the milk chocolate and one of the dark chocolate minis that we'll get to... Moderation is one of our hallmarks here on The Chocolate Cult.  I'm not sure what to do with the rest but if you have a suggestion, let it in a comment please. Come, Sisters and Brothers, and look at the Easter art from Emvi Chocolate.

Emvi Chocolate was so generous that they sent us 17 Mini Dark Chocolate Easter Bunny that come in at 0.5oz each of just dark chocolate.  We'll use for our description of the dark chocolate in these cute creations.  The Dark Chocolate has a strong cocoa and vanilla scent and feel very cool to my fingertips.  It makes a sharp snap when I take a bite and the first flavor is a light cocoa and vanilla, a slight bitterness, what you want with dark chocolate, builds with each chew and lingers pleasantly on the tongue.  If you let it melt in your mouth you actually get less bitterness and more vanilla so chosen which you prefer but in fact letting it melt also increases that cocoa buzz that makes your eyes feel a bit wider and your breathing seem a bit deeper. Wonderful!

Likewise we'll use the Mini Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny for our testing of Emvi milk chocolate. Four of these minis were included in the see-through box containing the Box Bunny Milk Chocolate that you see in this photo's center. The minis are exactly like the dark ones above but the Box Bunny is the largest bunny we were sent weighing in at 10.6oz.  This largest bunny is primarily made of milk chocolate but it has a dark chocolate layer on the nose and eyes and white chocolate (made with cocoa butter and no other fats) on the ears, teeth, all four paws, and tail.   The Milk Chocolate in these bunnies (and chick) has a very strong vanilla scent with a current of creamy chocolate under it.  Taking a bite makes a snap and the initial flavor is creamy chocolate with a growing vanilla and chocolate nature with each chew. If you let it melt in your mouth the creaminess remains stronger than the vanilla but it also lets more of the chocolate out.

The rest of this review is really going to be a series of photos with a basic description so you can understand them more fully. The ingredients and methods used for each bunny (and chick, you'll see) strongly suggest the scent, flavor, texture, and sound will be the same or have very little variation.

Only one of all of these samples were damaged in transport; that is a risk you have whenever you order most things.  The Basket Bunny Milk Chocolate is 5.5oz and the second largest sample we were sent.  If you look closely you can see that he has dark chocolate on his eyes, nose, and in the center section of the basket he is sort of cuddling.  White chocolate forms the inside of his ears, his prominent teeth, and the bulk of his eyes.

One good thing about him breaking is that this allows me to show you that these are hollow molds.  You can see they are have varying thickness based on what body part we are looking into.

At 4.5oz the Easterly Bunny is the largest dark chocolate sample from Emvi Chocolate that we received. This is a lot like the minis were, far less anthropomorphic than most of the other samples but still very adorable, don't you think?  The only points of milk chocolate are in the eyes and the nose while white chocolate can be found on the inside of the ears and most of the eyes.

The funniest critter of this set from Emvi Chocolate has to be the Hunz Bunny Milk Chocolate, a chubby fellow with tummy exposed by his too short shirt as he chills out almost shyly.  He weighs 3oz and he's not ashamed of that fact, just a bit laid back with his flopped down ears and overalls as he waits for you to enjoy him.

Not everything is bunny, bunny, bunny at Easter nor it is all crosses if you saw our previous essay this season.  Chicks or other types of young animals are common because they represent birth and spring and so Emvi Chocolate has this Chick Milk Chocolate just coming out of his white shell that sits on head and around lower body.  This is the most white chocolate of any of the molded Easter samples but it only is on the front, the back is milk chocolate.  You can also see some dark chocolate in the eyes as well as an orange that is likely colored white chocolate.

Colored white chocolate is also part of the last two samples in the eggs that are part of the Small Bunny with Egg Barrel.  We got this model in both dark and milk chocolate variety. The milk chocolate version has white on the front of the egg he's rolling around as well as on his feet, tail, teeth, and eyes; dark chocolate highlights his eyes, nose, but also form the wheelbarrow tray.  The dark chocolate bunny has white chocolate on his tail, eyes, and teeth but I suspect also the yellow egg he's moving is really white chocolate; milk chocolate forms the tray of the wheelbarrow, his nose, and part of his eyes.

Look at the photos again, Sisters and Brothers, consider the fine details and adorableness.  Know that these real ingredients resulted in a very wonderful dark chocolate and great creamy milk chocolate.  Small American family produced only adds to the appeal and makes it easy to declare these Sacrament Worthy.  Please do check out Emvi Chocolate and let them know what you think about their creations that we've shared with you today.  If you live in Brooklyn you may be able to find these today but don't want because these guys should be hopping into cars for Easter fast.

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