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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Simply Chocolate Chip Cookies from Keebler

May 15th is "National Chocolate Chip Day" and in honor of that I wanted to share a review of a product I was sent months back from Keebler through the Amazon Vine program.  These are the Keebler Simply Made cookies in the Chocolate Chip variety.  The point of this brand is that they are made with basic ingredients no added components that you can barely pronounce or which have questionable health benefits and seem more like cost cutting measures than anything else. The ingredient list here only has: wheat flour, semisweet chocolate, sugar, butter, canola oil, "natural flavor," baking soda, salt, vanilla extract, eggs.  However when you look a bit closer you do see other ingredients like "dextrose" as well as just plain "sugar" in the chocolate so the ingredients are not as simple as what you might be led to believe.  Those chemical names are just extracted forms of what you and I might call "simple ingredients" yet it felt disappointing, but not surprising, to see them at all.  I'm sure many of you reading this are principally interested in the taste and texture of the cookies.

Two cookies equal one serving so your Chocolate Priestess tried two and shared the rest for this review.  Each cookie is two inches in diameter but these are also the thin, crispy variety of cookies not the thick, chewy type I personally prefer.  This isn't about my preference, this is about the chocolate so look first at the amount of chips.  The amount you can see ranges from one or two to nearly a dozen and given the thickness of the cookies there probably are not many more hidden under the flour part of the pieces.  The cookies have a buttery flour scent with hints of slightly bitter chocolate so that's a good sign.  We tested them within a few days of receiving them so they did not feel dry to the touch and made a soft crunchy sound when I took a bite and chewed.  They have a strong sugar taste along with the butter and flour and if you get a chip a burst of semi-sweet chocolate does pop out strongly but otherwise it really is the dough part you are really experiencing but that's true of all plain chocolate chip cookies, isn't it?

What you may also see in our photos are that most of the cookies remained intact during shipping but some did break up.  This can happen in shipping of any type unless you really wrap them well and that adds extra costs.  Since you can find these in brick & mortar stores you should just treat them with the same care as you would with any pre-packaged cookie.  If you've tried these please leave a comment below and let us know what you think.  I wish these were more simply made frankly and perhaps in the future they will cut out some of the other ingredients and truly make this simple chocolate chip cookies.  For a mass produced cookie this isn't bad at all.

Later in the forthcoming week I'm going to try and make a chocolate chip recipe in our crockpot and share the results with you.  Does that sound fun?

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