The Chocolate Cult: Is XOXO Fudge a Good Choice for National Fudge Day 2014

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Is XOXO Fudge a Good Choice for National Fudge Day 2014

"National Fudge Day" will be Monday, June 16, 2013 and the good folks from XOXO Chocolates sent us two varieties of their all natural fudge to try and reveal to you all.  We have their "White Chocolate Fudge" and their "Chocolate Espresso Fudge," two flavors we have not tested from anyone here on The Chocolate Cult. I'm excited, are you excited, Sisters and Brothers?  Great, let's go! The Espresso Fudge was tested one evening with six volunteers all of whom enjoy coffee and drink it regularly; one of them was our own Mocha Acolyte. Therefore this review is really a summary of their opinions.

The first thing we noticed is that even though we were testing it within the "best by" deadline it still looked dry.  The wrapping had not been damaged so I'm not sure why it was drier than most fudges we'd all had in the past.  There were crushed bits of coffee beans on the top and these gave the fudge a very strong coffee fragrance.  The actually fudge was not as dry as it looked if you ate the inside sections of each piece that I cut but it was still drier than everyone likes their fudge to be.  Testers varied most in terms of their flavor experiences. Some felt that the coffee flavor seemed confined to the coffee beans that were not as crunchy as they looked to me while others barely tasted coffee and mostly got a fudgey chocolate.  Ultimately no one recommended it and that made me sad so I turned to the "White Chocolate Fudge" with hope.

Finally I wish I could share the "White Chocolate Fudge" with you all but it isn't chocolate without cocoa butter. (Edited because of an email error on my part that prevented XOXO Chocolates from learning about the problem before this feature went live.)

The Espresso Fudge would be a product we'd recommend if you really like crunchy textures, bursts of coffee, and you can get it and eat it when it is very fresh.  So if you want to check it out online then make sure you eat it as soon as you receive it to cut down on the dryness we experienced.

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