The Chocolate Cult: Kandy Bars from Klondike

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kandy Bars from Klondike

We've looked at Klondike bars and sandwiches in the past, Sisters and Brothers, so I was thrilled when the company asked us to try their newest creations and share our results with you all.  These are Klondike Kandy Bars that come in three varieties -- Caramel and Peanuts, Fudge Krunch , and Cookies and Cream.  Each box has four bars in them that 2.75oz each.

Perhaps you've seen the video?  No, check it out.

Now let's look at our testing and photographs of these three new treats from Klondike starting with the Cookies and Cream.

This is a vanilla ice cream made with dark chocolate crunchy pieces (cocoa processed with alkali), a top strip of fudge (cocoa), and all covered with white chocolate flavored coating with dark chocolate crunchy pieces (cocoa butter and cocoa processed with alkali).  These have a light creamy scent to them.  As you can see in this photo I cut one in half to try and show you the strip of fudge along the top.  Under the coating there is a little bit of a cocoa scent but cold, in my opinion, dulls both the flavor and smell of chocolate.  The coating makes a sharp snap when I take a bite and floods my mouth with creaminess and milky vanilla flavor, then I discover the dark chocolate pieces that have a little burst of cocoa as well as remaining crunchy with every bite.  The ice cream is filled with the little crunchy pieces as well and they add a bit of intensity to the creamy vanilla flavor.  The fudge stripe really does taste like fudge and I tried it in combination with the ice cream and coating several ways -- a full bite, a half bite, just from the top -- and each time I must confess that I liked it better when the ratio of ice cream to fudge was lower but then you all know that your Chocolate Priestess is more a darker chocolate fan that white chocolate.  The two people who tried these with me both declared it very much what they expected from a cookies and cream bar and felt it was very rich tasting and well-balanced.

We're building up to more cacao ingredients and more chocolate intensity so our next variety is the Caramel and Peanuts.  The only chocolate here is in the milk chocolate coating which is made with chocolate liquor and cocoa both processed with alkali.  As you can see in our photo there are visible slivers of peanuts as well in the coating.  This didn't cut as evenly but it gives you the chance to see the caramel ribbon on the top much like the chocolate fudge ribbon for the previous variety.  There is a strong chocolatey peanut scent when I take a whiff but oddly not fragrance from the vanilla ice cream or caramel even when exposed.  Taking a bite makes a soft crunch but not more than a very dim sound when I continue to chew -- as my co-tester commented crunchy but not hard.  The first flavor I get is vanilla cream followed by a burst of chocolate and peanuts, then a strong sweet yet tangy caramel that fades back into the chocolatey peanut essence that tastes very roasted in nature and not terribly sweet.  This blends very well and I'm very impressed.

Finally we get to the one I've been looking forward to the most: Fudge Krunch. This is triple the chocolate -- chocolate light ice cream, chocolate fudge ribbon, all covered by milk chocolate and crispy rice pieces - made from cocoa processed with alkali, chocolate liquor processed with alkali, and cocoa.  It has a very sweet cocoa scent to it and as you can see it didn't cut apart easily but that just lets you see the ribbon of fudge better.  Trying to eat it from various angles I discover that the ice cream has a light cocoa flavor, the ribbon a very intense chocolate flavor, and the coating a sweet chocolate flavor with crunch in almost every chew.  This is my favorite of this trio and surprisingly it has the least number of calories at 180 per bar.

For using real chocolate and cocoa butter these are great but there are a lot of other chemicals in these bars, too, so we can't really give them our highest honor.  However the chocolate flavor is much stronger in each bar than I thought it might be given how weak many ice creams are with it comes to cocoa. I highly recommend these treats; I'd buy them again!  So, Sisters and Brothers, have you seen this in stores near you? Have you tried them out?  Please let a comment and let us know what you think and if you'd buy them again.

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