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Saturday, July 5, 2014

For S'Mores Lovers

The awesome folks at Askinosie have a new product that they kindly sent us a sample of -- their S'Mores Bark!  This is a limited edition product so if you want some, you need to go now and see if it is still available.  It comes in a very plain box and contains several broken up pieces, five of them in my particular box but it's a matter of weight really so however many that comes to 150g.  This is made with their dark milk chocolate from Davao Philippines cocoa beans, cocoa butter, organic cane sugar, goat's milk powder, sea salt, Golden Grahams cereal, and mini marshmallow bits.

As you can see it looks very much like something you might make at home and to me that that's a good thing.  I know that I could make something like this but it wouldn't have the same chocolate in it and really, this is about how Askinosie gets their chocolate and what they do with it, not how fancy something looks. Even before looking at the nutritional and ingredient information on the box, something I really appreciate any company doing, I thought those looked like Golden Graham type of cereal pieces; I used to eat that when I was a kid and every now and I think I get it to use for some candy or bar I'm making.

These have a nice dark scent to them with an undercurrent of graham and sweetness but the chocolate is the main fragrance.  This bark makes a very loud crunch and continues to crunch with each bite and chew.  The first consistant flavor is the bitter yet slightly sweet and creamy chocolate followed by a bit of graham taste and a hint of sour from the goat's milk I'm betting; I'm not getting much marshmallow.  The marshmallows are not hard but not particularly sticky possibly because they are so tiny but I wish they had a bit more flavor impact given what I expect from S'Mores.  Then again they also don't taste burnt which was always a danger with campfire made treats.

The darkness of the chocolate may surprise some folks, so you are warned, but if you like that, give this a try.  If you think that S'Mores are for kids these are definitely putting them in the adult realm of flavor and combinations of flavors, give them a try.  These are another high quality treat from Askinosie and deserve another Sacrament status. Don't wait to check this S'Mores Bark out, Sisters and Brothers, it may already be sold out by the time you read this.

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