The Chocolate Cult: Mrs. Freshley's Candied Fudge Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe Tested

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Mrs. Freshley's Candied Fudge Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe Tested

Finally an ice cream related feature article near to July at least.  Normally we have a lot of ice cream and ice cream related products to share with you all throughout July and into August but for some reason, Sisters and Brothers, not this year.  Oh, we have an ice cream bar and an gelato feature earlier in the year that the brands "needed" us to do before July though your Chocolate Priestess tried to talk them out of that so you'd have cool treats to consider this summer but we do try to be considerate of what the companies who work with us want in terms of our calendar. The folks from Mrs. Freshley's, a brand you may find in your local grocery stores in the USA, sent us samples of two of their chocolate treats along with two recipes for these hot summer months.  Today we'll be trying their Candied Fudge Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich recipe and next Saturday we'll try the other recipe.

The Mrs. Freshley's Candy Topped Brownies are made with cocoa (natural and processed with alkali) in the brownie itself and then more cocoa in the frosting and the candies on top.  There are a lot of chemicals and added ingredients here, I'm not going to lie to you, Sisters and Brothers.  There were more top candies than I expected given the photo on the boxes but the candies had been crushed a bit as well probably in transport.

Other than the brownies I also used a store brand slow churned French vanilla ice cream and some colorful candy sprinkles I had in my pantry.

I made the sandwiches my self as quickly as I could yet the immediate I had was how fast the ice cream melted.  I also over estimated how much ice cream I'd need -- each sandwich required about 1/4 of a serving of ice cream.

The ice cream also melts when you hold the brownies to try and roll them in the sprinkles so I ended up just dusting them with the sprinkles.  I have no idea how a professional company makes these unless they work in a freezer while making them.  They might also not be using real ice cream or it might have added ingredients to make it not melt as quickly.

Otherwise it was easy to make these little treats though given all the melting I don't think mine looked particularly nice.  You might do better especially if you can figure out a way to do them in a colder environment. Of course what they look like matters but the most important thing is what they taste like.

I shared my sad little sandwiches with three other people. The melting of the ice cream made the brownies hard until they sat out for a couple of minutes which, of course, made the ice cream melt again.  The brownies are fairly thick and thus a bit unwieldy to hold or bite through the entire sandwich but the idea is sound for making ice cream sandwiches with them.  The ice cream came out as soon as you take that first bite anyway so eventually we were really just eating brownies.  They did taste very good but they were very messy to eat, very messy.

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