The Chocolate Cult: 2014 Halloween Treat Challenge Winner!

Friday, October 31, 2014

2014 Halloween Treat Challenge Winner!

And now for the announcement of our 2014 Halloween Treat Challenge here on The Chocolate which earns the creator or seller 30 days of advertising on our site free.  Since we do not allow companies to buy specific ads (yet) this is a big deal.

Let's review the Winners from past years:

Now to review the Challengers this year:

Before I name the winner let me say that this year was a disappointment.  While Baked Goods is one of Categories, Ingredients really aren't yet these were the only samples we were sent this year that seemed useful at all for our 6th Challenge.  Compared to past years this was deeply confusing.  I thought long and hard about simply not declaring a winner but that would be unfair to the companies that sent us something to use and try out for the challenge.  Of the four entries only one really might be useful for trick or treaters and for Halloween Parties...

240 Sweet Favor Packs!

After several years of sending samples our way, always of high quality gourmet chocolate marshmallows, it is a pleasure to see these small packs of their treats available because they can serve as treats in and of themselves without needing to use kitchen scissors or feeling overwhelmed by marshmallow.

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