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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Chocolate Spoons from Chocion

We've looked at chocolate spoons in the past here on The Chocolate Cult but these chocolate spoons from Chocion are quite different.  These are plastic (or you can get them wooden) spoons are inserted into chunks of chocolate that you put into your mug of hot chocolate.  According to the head of Chocion, you then stir for a while, lift the chunk of chocolate to lick at it, return to stirring and continue until you've turned your average mug of hot cocoa into something amazing with the melted chocolate on the spoon.  Let's see how these four varieties make our average milk chocolate hot cocoa taste.

Let's start simple with the White Chocolate which is made only with cocoa butter and no other added oils or fats exactly as white chocolate should be made. By itself this has a creamy, buttery fragrance. It made the hot cocoa very creamy and sweet; our tester really loved it a lot.

Next was the variety your Chocolate Priestess tried -- Chocolate Caramel which has a slightly tangy chocolate scent. The caramel flavor is wonderfully sweet and adds a good kick to the average cocoa as well as a bit of stickiness.  I really loved it for the combination of flavors and the fact that it melted quickly and thoroughly.

Then we had Chocolate Macchiato which is a common coffee drink but I don't see coffee listed in the ingredients. It doesn't smell like coffee, just simple milk chocolate really. You can see that it is half white and half milk chocolate. Our tester who has had coffee that was macchiato in flavor said this was very much what he expected and he really loved it.

Finally the Cappuccino which does have coffee as an ingredient and it has a strong coffee and cocoa fragrance. The white chocolate part has flecks of the ground coffee beans in it. The coffee flavor is light so if you aren't a huge coffee fan don't worry, you might still like this one, our tester said.  She really loved how this chocolate spoon added more chocolate to the hot cocoa and then the after current of coffee.

Not only are these spoons delicious but the are the surprise star of this amazingly beautiful video from Chocion that we've been asked to share.

Das Schokoladen-Universum der Film from CHOCION - Finest Chocolate on Vimeo.

Wonderful creations from Chocion you could have with hot coffee or even hot tea but it really does need to be a hot drink to get the chocolate on the spoon melting.  The spoons are hearty and can be washed and reused numerous times by the way. You could also just eat the chocolate but Chocion has bars, pralines, and other creations if you want that. As this feature goes live they are revamping their website so I don't have links to the specific items we looked at today.  Add the main website that we've linked to in this article to your bookmarks and check back in the future because these chunks of chocolate were excellent enough to earn Sacrament Status here on The Chocolate Cult.

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