Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Chocolate Drizzled Biscotti

We are back with another goodie from XOXO Chocolates out in Las Vegas! This time an elegant biscotti with both dark and white chocolate.  I turned this over to our fruit specialist and what you're about to learn that I didn't know before is that she has her own particular level of pickiness that I think reflects some of the general pickiness of the chocolate and baked goods market.  I'm very sure I did say that this had both coconut and raisins but, oh, well, we've done our best.

The Biscotti is also attractive with dark and white chocolate drizzled on top. The biscuit smells faintly of coconut, generally sweet, like a sugar cookie with a whiff of coconut. There was no detectable chocolate smell. It was good and crunchy, the way biscotti is meant to be. It snapped in half crisply, without too much force or too much crumbling. The pieces themselves were smaller and thinner than most other biscotti I've had.In this case, oddly enough, the raisins are definitely front and center in flavor. There's plenty of them, they're chewy, they're raisiny. While I love raisins in chocolate, I hate them in baked goods. In this case they interfere with the expected crisp texture of the biscotti by interrupting the crunch in every bite with sticky, chewy bits. If the raisins were NOT there, this biscotti would be an excellent accompaniment to coffee.  If the chocolate actually contributed anything to the flavor profile, I couldn't detect it. This was all RAISIN. In the bites I took around the raisins, there were plenty of coconut shreds and a good, sweet vanilla/coconut balance in the flavor. 

While our Acolyte's preferences do impact her review, I think she also has a few important pieces of information for you all to consider.  I'm sure some of you really like raisins in baked goods and if that is you, then you should check these out from XOXO Chocolates.  The biscotti sound like they were excellent and we give them Sacrament Status those of you who love raisins.

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