Saturday, December 27, 2014

Is KIND Kind to Your Mouth?

Have you heard of KIND, LLC?  I was first introduced to them a few years back when I did a feature on our local food co-op and their organic chocolate products that you could buy.  Today I want to look at the KIND Dark Chocolate Chunk chewy bar that I got via the Amazon Vine program in the fall.  I've already done a review there but today we're going to look at his bar in more depth using all of our senses you except on The Chocolate Cult.

The first thing to note is that this bar breaks apart easily so it is not difficult to chew yet still crunchy. As soon as I opened the plastic bag this was in I was hit with a very sweet coconut scent that really surprised. I realize that the ingredients list coconut but given how far down on the list this was I figured I could try it without turning it over to one of our specialists... wrong. The main flavor is this coconut through and through and frankly unless I bite directly into the chocolate pieces I couldn't taste much else.  The chocolate is made of both chocolate liquor and cocoa butter but without at least twice amount it really doesn't stand a chance to compete with the coconut and other sweet flavors here.  It is very crunchy yet soft and the various ingredients make for an interesting texture but the flavor needs to be chocolate at least here on The Chocolate Cult.

But what do you all think, Sisters and Brothers?  Have you tried this bar? Did you think it had enough chocolate?


elizabeth said...

You're right; these bars have such a strong coconut flavor! I think that's why I like only the coconut-almond flavor. Those are pretty good, though, and they make the best hiking snacks.

TammyJo Eckhart said...

I wonder what our coconut specialist would have thought or if she has tried it.

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