The Chocolate Cult: Will Think Thin Bars Help You?

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Will Think Thin Bars Help You?

As some of you may be aware of, Your Chocolate Priestess has been working (sort of) to lose some weight.  I hate exercising so I went with the increase normal activity and decrease calories method.  The downside of this is that I had to keep track of everything I ate, counting calories in effect.  In this effort I tried a lot of foods that I could easily keep track of to help me out.  Two of these were thinkThin bars sent via the Amazon Vine program I'm a member of.  I wrote a quickie review back in June and then in August on the sponsor website but today I'm going to go a bit more in-depth on these products.

We'll start with the "Dark Chocolate" high protein bar they make. As you can see from the photo it has a dark center that is mostly solid and a few, tiny pieces of something very dark every now and again. When I look at the ingredients list I am immediately disappointed -- all I see in terms of cacao products is powdered cocoa listed twice for some reasons.  This bar adds in other oils but has no cocoa butter and you know I really dislike that, Sisters and Brothers.  The bar has a sweet, oddly sweet scent to it even after I break it open but no chocolaty scent whatsoever.  The scent and the ingredients list makes me very wary of trying this but I do for you all.  It is dry, the dark pieces are apparently not in this first bite at all because I taste nothing different and encounter no other texture than this rather graininess.  There is a slightly sweet flavor but frankly no other flavor especially not one single iota of cocoa or chocolateness.  This is so bad that I just can't take another bite for you all.

The second bar was the "Chocolate Fudge" variety but with basically the same nutritional values and as you can see the bar liked almost identical (slightly lighter in color) to the "Dark Chocolate" one above.  Interestingly this bar has less of the sweet scent I complained about above and a stronger cocoa fragrance.  The texture is a bit less dry but the flavor is very bland, not chocolatey at all.  There is a slight fruity sweet aftertaste but basically this is like eating nothing; I can eat nothing if I want to eat nothing if you know what I mean.

Both of these thinkThin bars were really disappointing.  I had high hopes since the nutritional values are so good but as is often the case with this "diet" or "health" bars they add so many unnecessary and often overly chemical ingredients that it isn't enjoyable.  If you aren't enjoying it, why eat something made of chocolate?  If it isn't good chocolate flavor why use or Sacred Substance at all?

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