Saturday, January 3, 2015

Perfect Kidz Brownies?

A while back I had an Amazon Vine product to test called Kidz Zone Perfect in the Fudge Brownie variation.  The front of the box says that it has 3g fiber, 5g protein, and 23 vitamins and minerals but you can have all of that still not be healthy.  Healthy isn't just the calorie count or individual nutritional values but how those are created. Looking at the ingredient list we see dozens and dozens of ingredients starting with dark chocolate layer and ending with saft.  Most of the ingredients are not chemicals but there are some there that doesn't mean these are necessarily unhealthy.  On the other hand palm kernel oil is the third ingredient for the dark chocolate layer and there are studies that suggest this is not ideal for the body and also not for our long term survival on our planet. But maybe none of that matters to you so let's get to how it is as a food item.

The bar is very dark with visible white pieces of something -- white chocolate chips, protein nuggets -- along the the sides.  The top drizzled with lighter colored chocolate and the bottom has tread marks suggesting it was on a conveyor belt before being wrapped. It has a strong soy scent and no chocolate or cocoa fragrance at all... this isn't promising, Sisters and Brothers.  A bite reveals the bar is very soft, sticky, and chewy but it makes no noise with any chew. There is alight cocoa taste, some soy, some sweetness but overall surprising little flavor of any type. Its just bland.

Disappointing really given all of the various forms of chocolate in this bar suggested that this should have a strong chocolate flavor and a balance of various flavors.  You may have heard that kids can't like darker chocolate but that isn't true, it is a matter of helping them experiment and try new flavors.  They simply won't get much of anything here. Final review -- no matter the nutritional values this is not perfect on every other level of food enjoyment.

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