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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Start 2015 with Chocolate

Happy 2015!  Now is the time to think about healthy and joyous ways of adding chocolate into your lives.  To help you we supply a "fun food calendar" each month.  This year I will also add a poll you can vote on and at the end of the first week, your votes will determine what recipe I try out in the second half of the month.

To start us off, here is our first polls.  This is based on the fun food holidays and also whether or not I've already shared a recipe or tried a recipe for the item in the past on The Chocolate Cult.

Update: Sadly there was a tie between Chocolate Popcorn and Chocolate Croissant and even though I posted again asking folks to break the tie, no one voted for one of these. Since we do not charge fees of any type on The Chocolate Cult nor sell anything, I really can't afford to try more than one recipe.

If the polls are a stupid idea, please tell me in a comment and I won't put them in future calendar posts.

What Treat Should I Make in January 2015?
Chocolate Popcorn
Chocolate Pie
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Croissant
Homemade Hot Chocolate
Poll Maker

January 2 = Feast Day of St. Macarius the Younger, 4th century patron of confectioners

January 3 = National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

January 5 = National Whipped Cream Day -- it is actually pretty easy to make chocolate whipped cream.

January 6 = National Shortbread Day

January 8 = National English Toffee Day

January 10 = Bittersweet Chocolate Day; National Cream Cheese Brownie Day

January 19 = National Popcorn Day

January 21 = National Granola (bar) Day -- I already have a post and a recipe planned for this day, this is why it was not on the poll above.

January 23 = National Pie Day

January 27 = National Chocolate Cake Day

January 30 = National Croissant Day

January 31 = National Hot Chocolate Day (apparently also in December?)


Cerise said...

So many days to celebrate with chocolate! I can't wait.

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Thanks, Cerise. I keep looking for new fun food holidays to add, too. Let me know if you know of any.

Unknown said...

sounds like a lot of YUM to me! :)

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Always so many opportunities for chocolate, Gina, thanks for commenting.

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