Saturday, March 28, 2015

Peanut Butter Enters Magnum Ranks

Another peanut butter related chocolate treat for this month to share with you all. Last week the concern was the weather getting too warm but today's treat is all about cooling down especially in the warmer weather. Unilever sent us a coupon to try out their brand new variety of Magnum -- Double Peanut Butter. The box comes with three bars so I shared it and this is our collective reactions to the new treat.

The bars come in the normal gold wrappers that you expect but when you open them you immediately notice a difference from the other varieties we've looked at on this blog. Instead of a nice arch top, each of our bars had peaked top that we could see a hint of the ice cream though... that made us wonder if they pipe the peanut butter ice cream into the chocolate and peanut butter layers after they harden. The bar had a strong cocoa and peanut butter fragrance even straight from the freezer and out of the wrappers. The bars are very large, each 3.38 fl oz and having 340 calories so this would not be an everyday treat for us though definitely worthy of special treat status as you'll soon see.

When you bite into the bar you can see the various layers -- chocolatey coating made with cocoa, peanut butter layer, milk chocolate coating made with chocolate and cocoa butter, and finally the bulk of the bar which is peanut butter ice cream. The first flavor is a creamy chocolate then a deeper chocolate, a very roasted peanut butter, and a creamy very lightly peanut butter that all blend well together with the creaminess of the ice cream as the strongest flavor. On the box the peanut butter ice cream seems much darker in color than what we saw so I hope you can see that in our photo. to the right. The layers keep the ice cream from melting very fast and the cold of the ice cream also keeps the chocolate outer layer from melting as well so we could take our time and really savor and discuss the bars while we ate them.

In our final photo you can see more evidence of the layering over the ice cream. In this case you can see the peanut butter under the outer coating and under it you should be able to make out the milk chocolate layer next to the ice cream. Ultimately the bars were very tasty for each of us but it wasn't our favorite of the varieties that Magnum offers. For me that is the the Double Chocolate but I haven't had the dark versions yet; for our Milk Chocolate Acolyte it is the Double Caramel; and for our White Chocolate Acolyte the preference is for the Gold bar. The good news is that Magnum is available in a lot of different stores and you can use their store finder on their website to find the variety you want.

What variety of Magnum is your favorite?

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