Thursday, April 2, 2015

New Easter Eggs from Russell Stover

I got a freebie from my Kroger's recently -- one of the single Russell Stover eggs for Easter. I coupled this with a 2-for-1 sale, I got two new flavors of their eggs for 50¢! There were five new flavors I saw there but I could only get two so I choose the Red Velvet Egg and the Brownie Egg. Want to take a look with me as we approach Easter this coming Sunday or next Sunday depending on your faith? Heck, even if you aren't Christian you can likely find these eggs in a wide range of stores around the USA (perhaps elsewhere, too, let me know in the comments).

We'll start with the Brownie Egg because it is "candy in milk chocolate" the wrapper proclaims. The wrapper is a light blue with colorful eggs and a couple of brownies shown.  One of these has 140 calories by the way.  The egg is 2.5 X 1.5 X 0.5 inches in dimensions. It has a brown color and the top has a slightly wavy texture and look to it. I cut it open so you could see what it looks like: a very dark, nearly black center surrounded by a thick milk chocolate.  The outside has a very sweet candy chocolate scent but inside it has a dark cocoa fragrance.  This has milk chocolate, cocoa butter, milk, wheat, egg whites, and soy if you have any of those allergies. The inside is soft like an underbaked brownie and has a very sharp sweet cocoa and grain flavor while the outside is slightly waxy in texture but not as sweet as the scent suggested. The chocolate coats my mouth as I try this, the inside even sticks a bit to my teeth. It is exactly like a chocolate covered brownie!

The ingredients list on the Red Velvet Egg has dark chocolate, milk chocolate, even white chocolate along with cocoa butter. It also has milk, wheat, egg whites, and soy if you have those allergies. This is obviously darker chocolate when you see it and inside it is indeed red like you expect from red velvet anything.  The egg has the same dimensions as the previous one a slightly less sweet scented chocolate coating but almost no scent at all inside. As you should expect from darker chocolate, the coating makes a louder sound when I take a bite but it also breaks up into several pieces. The red velvet inside is very soft more batter than underbaked cake. The flavor is strong, slightly bitter dark chocolate coating but the inside is primarily a simple sweet floury with some dye flavor, too... not great for me.

Both eggs have artificial colors and added ingredients that frankly aren't necessary to chocolate or candy. Regardless of flavor then they aren't pure chocolate and thus don't meet our highest standards here on The Chocolate Cult. However, Russell Stover is a widely available candy company here in the USA that many people love to give for holidays. Will you be eating their eggs this season?

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