The Chocolate Cult: Texas Fried Pecan Praline' Truffles and Bark

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Texas Fried Pecan Praline' Truffles and Bark

Back on April 14th it was "National Pecan Day" but April has been busy with fun food holidays and features scheduled months ago, so I had to postpone this one until now.  These two creations are from My Chocolate Kit whose founder, Holli, we spoke with just this past Wednesday here in this post. They sent us their Texas fried pecan praline' truffles and bark to try out. As you can see the sample came wrapped very prettily.

Let's start with the bark itself. The label says that it is made with cocoa powder and cocoa butter as the chocolate ingredients but it also has organic coconut oil, vanilla, Celtic sea salt, agave syrup, sugar, chia, cinnamon, cayenne but may also include nuts, seeds, spices, and fruits... obviously pecan, right, since it is called Texas 'Fried Pecan Praline. On one side it is dark brown and the other white so sort of a dark and white chocolatey candy -- this two-sided coating is unique among the barks we've tried on The Chocolate Cult in the past. It is very sticky and a bit challenging to get out of the bag in the case of one piece. Putting the darker side on my tongue reveals a darker cocoa flavor then sweetness, pecans, and finally a creaminess. Putting the white side down gives the creamy sweetness an advantage. Not every bite is crunchy nor is every bite sticky, it really depends on if I'm hitting more candy coating and nuts or more of the sweetness holidng all the pieces together. I'm not getting any fruits or seeds really but that was a "may" part of the ingredient list. Since I like darker chocolate it is no surprise that I prefer to eat this bark dark side down.

The Texas 'Fried Pecan Praline also comes in a heart-shaped truffle form as well. This was wrapped in gold foil that again was very sticky in one part. This is exactly like the bark minus the white chocolatey coating so there is no creaminess in this at all just nice darker chocolate with the pecans. It is also less sticky and less sweet, I noticed less of the syrup that was in the bark probably because it is all covered in the darker candy. It was also crunchier because the pecan pieces were closer together and the coating was much thicker. Can you see the golden sheen to the heart? I thought that made it very pretty and it could be a good gift for a loved one.

My Chocolate Kit though does not focus on pre-made treats but that's what we were sent so that's what we could test. Both of these tasted great and would make excellent gifts. This small company's focus on supporting better cocoa farming practices as well as a focus on education helps earn it Sacrament status here on The Chocolate Cult.

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