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Monday, April 13, 2015

The Chocion Experience

We have tested and featured several products from Chocion and we'll have several more such articles in the 2015. Today I want to share a video that they have recently put out and take a look at their History Page on their website. Let's start by looking at this lovely and dynamic video.

Das Schokoladen-Universum der Film from CHOCION - Finest Chocolate on Vimeo.

I like everything about this video. The music which is dreamy yet a bit dark in the beginning then picks up lighter instruments and pace as it goes along to a burst of energy before resuming a calmer yet sensual tone. The images that start with pieces of chocolate then go to smoke reminding me of how cacao pods are processed that turns into a flowing river of dark, milk, and white chocolate. The energy of the video picks up as we see chocolate forming into the chocolate spoons we tested and featured in November of 2014 -- those earned Sacrament Status, our highest ranking on The Chocolate Cult. The images are well settled into dynamic backgrounds that do not distract from the chocolate but give hints of the processing of chocolate products as well as the history of chocolate. Speaking of which...

As historian I'm not surprised that so many of us don't seem to care about the history around us, especially when it comes to things we think are common. One of the "common things" tends to be chocolate even though it really isn't an easy product to make from farm to factory. Chocion devotes a page to the history of chocolate on their website that I'd like to review for you. Please note that I'm reading their site translated into English so I'm not going to critique the quality of the writing, only the presentation and the information.

It is a bit tricky to find since I don't see it highlighted on the top menu on their main website; you have to go to the bottom of the page and look under "More Information."

The history page is laid out in a main body of text that you can scroll down but there is also a left side back that you can click to look at the 15 main sections that begins with "The Olmecs" and ends with "The History of CHOCION." Given that Chocion is a German company it is not surprising that they highlight Germany history and uniqueness but it also reflects the fact that Germany has played a role in the creation of what chocolate was in Europe and what it is today around the world. The history page also looks at other nations and peoples roles so I think it is balanced given the logical marketing needs to focus on what makes Chocion special.

The information presented is very straightforward and should be easy to understand by the average chocolate consumer. However it is also blandly laid out without any images at all and I think that might bore the visually obsessed Internet user. I would urge Chocion to include one image per main section on this page. Poke around their history page and let us know what you think.

Also go back and check out the video and let us know what you thought of it in a comment below.


The Chocolate Cult was paid to write this post but given our history of testing and writing about Chocion chocolate we believe the information in this article should be of interest to our readers.


Cerise said...

I looked at the website in German and I really appreciated the fact that they differentiated between various Native American cultures. Such precision is, sadly, very rare. Thank you for this link!

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Yes, I was impressed by the information. Working with the head of their company I can tell you that he is very passionate about chocolate. I think you all need to try them out even if you aren't in the EU and have to have the chocolate shipped to you. German chocolate is NOT American (or any other nationality) of chocolate but theirs is a great way to understand what it is while supporting a company that is thinking ahead to the future of chocolate as well as respecting the past of it.

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