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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Clean Up Your Kitchen with Chocolate

We cover anything related to chocolate here on The Chocolate Cult. Today we're going to look at chocolate decorative items that should or favorite treats but on functional items that you can use every day or only for special occasions. Today we're going to look at some chocolate themed kitchen towels from HollysHomeComforts, a shop on Etsy. If you are not familiar with Etsy, it is an online site for small businesses that generally operate out of an individuals home. I have friends who sell products on Etsy and I have purchased a few things from this site in the past. The owner of HollysHomeComforts gave us both towels to try out but in no other way compensated us for this review.

These kitchen towels come in two chocolate designs. First there are "Les Chocolats" with six different pieces of chocolate truffles (as we'd call them in the USA) shown. Here you can see it draped in half over my oven door so you can see the full run of chocolates. This is my favorite of the two simply because it is nothing but chocolates but then I'm a bit biased, aren't I?

The second chocolate themed design is of cherries dipped in chocolate that you see here also draped in half over my oven door. You see there are several cherry configurations shown include white, milk, and dark chocolate on them. The cherries had a pop of color so it seemed to be more eye-catching to my visitors the week I had this displayed.

You might think that the towels are white so here is a photo of them against a white tablecloth I have so show that they are actually a light cream or natural color. These are made from three pieces of fabric -- the bulk of the towel, the border fabric around the chocolate themed image, and the fabric that the image is on. The entire towel is well hemmed and cut evenly. They are well crafted and stood up to vigorous washing and drying by machine. These are called "kitchen" towels, not "dish" towels. These do not dry as quickly as terry cloth dish towels something my hubby (who is in charge of dishes) didn't like but they did work about as well as some other more decorative towels I have that my mother made me years ago. Unless you are really lazy, I think they work fine as dish towels though they simply look lovely too.

Not only are these two chocolate themes available in kitchen towels through HollysHomeComforts but she also has table runners with the same images if you want to decorate a bit more. There are also other designs as well so do check them all out when you visit her site. I really like that each product is described in terms of fabric used and how it was stitched. I think that demonstrates how much care is put into each one. If you have a chocolate lover in your life who also loves to decorate their kitchen, these are a lovely choice plus you'd be supporting a small woman-owned business.


elizabeth said...

These are really cute!

The Chocolate Priestess said...

I agree!

Cerise said...

I have some of the same towels and I have found they get more absorbent with repeated washing and drying. I like to use them to dry the fancy crystal glasses I only use about twice a year. (Disclaimer: this is my mom's Etsy shop.)

The Chocolate Priestess said...

That's interesting that they'll become more absorbent with washing.

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