Saturday, May 2, 2015

National Candied Orange Peel Day... with Chocolate!

Did you know that May 4th will be National Candied Orange Peel Day?  Well, you do now! To celebrate we are going to look at the contents of the little crate we were sent by Voila Chocolate.  he crate, by the way, is thin wood which adds an air of sophistication that you wouldn't get in a bag or a paper case. While the focus of the companies is on their chocolate creation parties, they do also sell some products which we have looked at before. Today we're going to look at their Orangettes which are dark chocolate covered candied orange peels. Let's take a look inside.

So cute! These are about 3 inches long and around 1/2 inch at their width but thin at around a quarter of an inch thick. They have a very dark chocolate fragrance with just a hint of orange. I cut one in half, it is soft but not gummy or sticky when I do that, and the orange scent is released. I tried to show you the inside in this photo but the orange center isn't bright and blends into the chocolate covering it. The chocolate makes a soft snap when I take a bite but the inside turns out to have a jelly like texture that isn't sticky or gooey. For a candied treat this isn't sugary, the orange flavor is very natural, the dark chocolate has the bitter edge I prefer.  I've never had candied orange peel with or without chocolate before but I really loved these as did the assistant I shared them with.

They are made with dark chocolate and candied orange peel; the only "chemical" listed is glucose-fructose syrup for candying the orange.  There is soy lecithin for those of you with soy allergies... oddly nothing orange is listed on the ingredients, not even an orange flavoring which is quite unexpected. So why did I get an orange flavor? I don't know if you could make these if you had a party at Voila Chocolate but if you can, you need to make them. If you can't make them there, buy some so you can try them, too. We really liked them a lot and if they had oranges in them, they would have earned our highest rating.

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