The Chocolate Cult: South Beach Gets Smoothie Right

Saturday, June 27, 2015

South Beach Gets Smoothie Right

The South Beach Diet has been called many things but very rarely have we enjoyed their chocolatey products here on The Chocolate Cult even though we get them fairly often through various programs we participate in such as the Vine Program on Amazon that sent us this four pack of the 100 Calorie Smoothie in Chocolate Truffle flavor variety. Note: I generally have a very negative experience with such "healthy" or "diet" drinks and even most breakfast drinks so I wasn't looking forward to testing this for all of you reading this article.

There are directions for usage on the box and I followed these -- chilled it well, shook it up well, poured it into a glass so I didn't get any plastic taste. As you can see it above, this has the milk chocolate look you'd expect.  It has a cocoa and light sweet scent to it that does remind me of a truffle you could buy in a candy or chocolate shop.  It is thick and coats my mouth and tongue when I take a sip but I brace for a poor flavor based on my previous experiences with South Beach Diet products... the taste is sweet but not too sweet, definitely chocolate and certain much like an average plain chocolate truffle.  I'm really pleasantly surprised.

If there weren't so many chemicals on the ingredient list this might approach great but with these added artificials it is merely one of the best we've had from South Beach Diet.  They are rather expensive to buy online so even though if you did that you'd give some money back to The Chocolate Cult and help us bring your more chocolate reports, I can't in good conscious suggest it.  If you want to try this link to Amazon (and help us out on The Chocolate Cult) or look at your local grocery store.

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