The Chocolate Cult: Voila! A New Twist on Chocolate Bark

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Voila! A New Twist on Chocolate Bark

We return to Voila Chocolat today with a look at their Dark Chocolate Bark candy made with dark chocolate, their candied orange peel we previously wrote about, hazelnuts, milk, and soy. How do I know this is from Voila? Well, it did arrive from them in this cute box of other samples that the company sent us to test and write about.

Look at this level photo of the bark more closely... see the printed logo on the back of the bar? Isn't that clever? It adds a visual element to the product so that if you want to just lay some out for guests or wrap it up different to give to someone (I wouldn't because I think the box was adorable) you can do so but you'll still know what brand of confection this is. Don't worry, this is edible dye, it is safe but does it affect the taste? Sadly we have had chocolates with edible dyes that we have tested that do greatly affect the flavor. Let's discover where this bark falls in terms of edible dyes and flavor.

This is thin, just under a quarter of an inch thick. It has a a lot of nuts and pieces of the candied orange peel as you can hopefully see in this side view photo.  It has a dark cocoa fragrance with a hint of that candied orange scent.  The bark makes a soft snap when I break it into pieces but it is not difficult to break. It makes a consistent crunch when I'm chewing it, this is not the sort of treat to let melt in your mouth like a solid chocolate might be. The first flavor is a light cocoa which is an orange sweet that turns darker chocolate with every chew. It never turns bitter because the orange and a subtle hazelnut is alway present. This did not have the nutritional value but I'd be surprised if there was not a fair amount of protein and at least a bit of fiber from dark chocolate and the nuts; it will also have a lot of sugar. Just have it in Moderation and you'll be fine.

There you have it, Sisters and Brothers, another great chocolate candy from Voila Chocolat, earning them Sacramental Status here on The Chocolate Cult. We'll have a review of their hot cocoa mix later when the weather cools does a bit more.

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