The Chocolate Cult: An August Full of Chocolate Holidays

Friday, July 31, 2015

An August Full of Chocolate Holidays

Tomorrow is the first day of August so it is time for the new Fun Food Holiday calendar.

August = National Romance Awareness Month -- if you don't know that chocolate can play a big role in romance, you may be in trouble! I'll be reviewing a romance novel that involves chocolate this month to honor the "holiday" but here is a preview of that book using my Amazon Associates link.

August 1 = Swiss National Day - established as a holiday in 1994, it refers to the Federal Charter of 1291, a political action that is often seen as the beginning of Switzerland

August 2 = National Ice Cream Sandwich Day -- Who out there likes ice cream sandwiches?

We tested an ice cream sandwich recipe last year, please check it out again here.

August 4 = National Chocolate Chip Day; National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

August 5 = National Waffle Day -- What kind of waffles do you like?

August 6, 1826 = Birthday of Joseph Storrs Fry II who took over his grandfather’s thriving chocolate business in England. (mostly because I couldn’t find an accurate birthday for the chocolate genius that was Joseph Storrs Fry)

August 10 = National S’mores Day: I have an idea I want to try out this year but for now, go back and check out this recipe from 2011 here.

August 10th is also the birthday of Henri Nestlé, German Confection and founder of the Nestlé corporation along with Daniel Peter who created the Milk Chocolate bar using Nestlé expertise with condensed milk

August 12 = John Cadbury Birthday (1801-1889)

August 18 = National Soft Serve Ice Cream Day

August 20 = National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day; Sometimes we do interviews with everyday cooks, bakers, and candy makers. Check out this one that includes a chocolate pecan torte recipe here.

August 24 = National Waffle Day (anniversary of the first US patent for the waffle iron); why are there two waffle days in the same month?

August 25 = National Banana Split Day

August 27 = National Pots de Crème Day

August 30 = National Toasted Marshmallow Day -- What does this have to do with chocolate? Really? You have to ask?

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