Saturday, July 4, 2015

Kick Off a Month of Ice Cream with Your Kids

What if you shared ice cream with your kids without giving them extra calories? What if you could teach them something about ice cream without boring them? What if they could learn a bit about ice cream and improve their reading at the same time? Peter Sis' Ice Cream Summer accomplishes all of these goals in one fun book written for ages 4-8 and grades kindergarten to 3rd grade (American system). Published by Scholastic Press who put out many of the books I enjoyed as a kid myself, I got this book through the Amazon Vine program in exchange for an honest review on Amazon; this review is a bonus for all of you this 4th of July day.

Like most kids books, the main text is relatively simple but it does include challenging words as well. It is set up as though it is the thought process of Joe who is writing back to his grandfather whom he will see later in the summer for a trip. Within the images of each page there is a lot more writing that includes details about Joe's oddly frozen world as well as some of the facts he is learning about ice cream.

The art in this book has a sort of crayon quality to it, perhaps watercolors, but I think it is supposed to make us think of crayons because at one point in the book, Joe tells his grandfather that he is writing a book and we can see that is included colored drawings in it. How much of the story we are reading is the letter to grandpa and how much is this book Joe is making? That's a good question to ask when reading this with a child.

Joe seems a bit obsessed with ice cream. His world is crowded with ice cream everywhere. One fun thing we did while reading this was to find the ice cream cones and the ice cream scoops. By the end we talked about if we'd like to live in this same ice cream world as Joe. It was a fun read for everyone. I think older kids could enjoy reading it to younger ones.

Warning: You will want ice cream after reading it.

If this book sounds fun to you, please check it out using the link below. If you buy through this link, you'll also be giving back to The Chocolate Cult through the Amazon Affiliate program.

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