The Chocolate Cult: Back to School Snacks for Everyone?

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Back to School Snacks for Everyone?

I'm sure wherever you live you may be seeing "back to school" commercials or notice school notes in your local newspaper or even getting notices from the schools about your own kids. School lunches might be a choice you make for financial or health reasons so with this in mind, today I want to share a snack that combines bananas, dark chocolate, and almonds. These are the THINaddictives Banana Dark Chocolate Almond Thins from Nonni's that the company sent us to test and write about for you all.  I have found this same box at our local Kroger grocery store in the International Foods aisle because Nonni's is a Canadian company.

Inside this box should be six packets of three thins each but as you can see my box had seven in it. Bonus! Each packet has 100 calories so you can send these with your students (or yourself) as a treat without feeling guilty about it. The nutritional values are pretty much what I'd expect from the ingredient with the exception of fiber which I thought might be 2 grams instead of 1. The chocolate is semi-sweet made from chocolate liquor and cocoa butter. There are no weird chemicals here, just real ingredients. However, there are several potential allergens so if you are allergic to bananas, chocolate, tree nuts, wheat, eggs, milk, or soy then these are not for  you.

These have a good banana scent to them but surprising not much else in terms of fragrance. They are each very thin as I hope this photo shows and they vary in terms of the amount of chocolate pieces each slice has. But that's what would happen if you made chocolate chunk banana bread yourself so I think the varied amounts of almonds, bananas, and chocolate makes this seem more homemade. The pieces are crispy and they crunch with each bite. The primary flavor is wheat, sweet bananas, chocolate, and then the almonds. Really all of these flavor blend together very well.

The result was a treat I could enjoy at home or away with no guilt at all. Given quality ingredients and an eye toward portion control, I think this earn Sacrament status as a school (or work or home) snack.


Winelady Cooks said...

Hi, I always buy Nonni's. They are great to serve unexpected guests during the holiday season with hot chocolate, specialty coffees and teas.

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Awesome to hear, Joanne. We've been pleased by the samples they have sent us and since they are easy to find in stores near me, I hope they are easy to find where you are, too.

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