The Chocolate Cult: Chocolate Holidays in October -- It's More than Halloween!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Chocolate Holidays in October -- It's More than Halloween!

Yes, yes, Halloween is one of the big candy holidays which means it is one of the big chocolate holidays. We'll be feature our Halloween Treat Challengers but the month is full of other fun food holidays you might want to mark with chocolate.

We start off with the amazing fact that October is host to three national fun food month-long celebrations!

National Dessert Month
National Cookie Month
National Caramel Month

Then the first full week of October is National Mental Health Illness Week. What does this have to do with chocolate? Two things. First, food can be used to "treated" emotional and mental conditions either in a healthy or unhealthy way. I used to self-medicate by hiding candy and chocolate in my room and eating it in secret while I was growing up. Second, chocolate, we're talking dark chocolate not candy, or cocoa has been shown to affect the brain in ways that might help you feel good. You know, chocolate is considered a drug in some circles and in different times. Consider one of The Chocolate Cult's mottos: Moderation and Purposefulness when you used so you don't abuse.

October 1 = National Homemade Cookie Day -- obviously this would be something with chocolate around my place.

October 7 = National Frappe Day -- again why not make with a bit of chocolate

2nd Week of October = National School Lunch Week -- while you want your kids healthy, a small amount of chocolate will not hurt them and if you can, you could also use these lunches to promote better and more socially responsible chocolate, too. Visit the School Nutrition Association to learn about the theme of this year's special week holiday and get resources you can use.

October 9, 1797 = Birthday of Philippe Suchard, founder of what was once the greatest chocolatier in Switzerland, creator of the Milka bar... you haven't had a Milka bar? Go get one right now.

October 10 has two holidays to consider

National Angel Food Cake Day -- one of my sisters made an amazing chocolate angel food cake for her husband's birthday for many years.

World Mental Health Day -- see above comments about chocolate and mental health

October 14 = National Chocolate-Covered Insect Day -- Have not tried this yet... Who among you have? Leave a comment and let me know.

2nd Thursday in October = National Dessert Day

3rd Saturday in October = Sweetest Day -- I'm not sure putting this holiday in October was a great idea even though it is approximately six months after Valentine's Day. If you haven't heard of this day, it might be because it was a Great Lakes region sort of holiday but I've noted that candy and food companies are also now trying to promote it.

October 16 = World Food Day

October 18 = National Chocolate Cupcake Day

October 28 = National Chocolate Day

October 30 = Buy a Donut Day

Finally, October 31 is not only Halloween but also National Candy Apple Day. Does anyone make and hand out candy apples any more?

Tell me. How are you celebrating with Chocolate this month?

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