The Chocolate Cult: Delicious Gourmet Marshmallows Revealed

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Delicious Gourmet Marshmallows Revealed

We've covered 240Sweet numerous times because they are an Indiana brand that is really only an hour or so from where I live and yet I've never managed to make arrangement to see their facilities. Given the interview we had with them a few days ago though I need to find that time, don't I? Here's to hoping there will be an One the Road post in 2016 to check them out first hand. Today we are going to look at three of their current chocolate varieties of gourmet marshmallows and if how chocolatey they are and for those flavors we've tried before, to see if they are indeed improved. 240Sweet sent us these three packs of their gourmet marshmallows for us to test and write honestly about; we received no other compensation for this review.

We'll go in order of the puffs you saw in our first photo starting with the Snickerlicious flavor which we have had in the past. You can find that original review here. The first thing I noticed compared to the earlier version is that the peanuts here are chopped into much smaller pieces and that there is a caramel drizzle as well as the mini chocolate chips.  This has a strong peanut, caramel, nougat scent to it as I expect from Snicker candy bars. The primary flavor is the nougat followed by the caramel and chocolate and finally a creamy sweet peanut. While I still think this needs more chocolate (hey, I'm biased right?) it does taste a lot more like a Snicker bar than the original did so this is an improvement.

The most chocolatey must be the Chocolate Decadence flavor that we have tried before. Our original review can be read here. These seem to have a lighter cocoa scent to them but these are softer than the previous version of this recipe. The chocolate in the marshmallow is very light and smooth, the chips add a burst of intensity to an otherwise very mellow treat. I think this is indeed an improvement over the ones we tried just less than a year ago.

Finally let's tackle the other new flavor to us, Turtle which has pecans so if you have tree nut allergies, stay away. This has fairly large slices of pecans, drizzles of caramel, and mini chocolate chips. The pecans then the caramel are the primary scents I'm finding but there is an undercurrent of chocolate as well. If I smelled this and couldn't see it or knew the name, I'd still guess turtle something. The marshmallow part has a strong caramel and then a strong pecan flavor. You get the bursts of chocolate from the top layer. Like the Snickerlicious I think this could use more chocolate but it still very tasty.

Normally when you think marshmallows you think of putting them into something -- gelatin creature, s'mores, and baked goods -- but these are great on their own. I discovered during hot and humid weather that these puffs will last longer if you pop them into your refrigerator. In fact, I found that the puff were wonderful to eat cold because they were not as sticky so you could chew them easily but also the chill seemed to have intensified the flavors. Others I shared them with agreed. Have you ever chilled your marshmallows before eating them? No? Give it a try.

Each of these marshmallow packs include 10 puffs that are approximately 1" X 1" X 1.25" but they vary in size since they are handmade. The basic ingredients for marshmallows come from Indiana where 240Sweet is headquartered. If you want to learn how they are made, you can take a class and make them yourself. Sam and Alexa are outgoing businesswomen who often visit farmers' markets and fairs around the state of Indiana so if you live in the state try to find them, they are so much fun to chat with.With these improved recipes they are sure to see increased business. Right now, you can get free shipping so please do go check these Sacrament Status puffs out for yourself.

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