The Chocolate Cult: Why Improve on Great Gourmet Marshmallow?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Why Improve on Great Gourmet Marshmallow?

Alexa & Sam outside shop sign
Over the seven years I've been leading this blog, we've tasted some wonderful marshmallows from 240Sweet, a company based in Columbus, Indiana, not far from where The Chocolate Cult is headquartered. Recently I got an announcement that they had revised their recipes and wanted to send us some to try out. Of course I said yes but I also wanted to ask them what motivated their changes. Below is the email interview Samantha Aulick, co-owner of 240Sweet, did with me. Please give it a read and then leave questions or comments for her to check out.

Recently 240Sweet sent out an email saying that you've revised your recipes for your famous gourmet marshmallows. Would you tell us what prompted this revision?

We had feedback from customers that they wanted more pronounced flavors in our puffs. Before the recipe revision, we only used extracts or flavors that we made ourselves. These came through fine when the marshmallows were toasted. Now, we've incorporated all-natural extracts and flavors that we don't make to add that extra oomph. 

Marshmallow Class at 240Sweet
How has reception been to the changes in the recipes?

Overwhelmingly, the response has been positive. We were concerned that our "hard-core" customers would not be receptive to the changes. However, this hasn't been the case. 

Of course here on The Chocolate Cult we focus on chocolate so I'm wondering if making chocolate or adding chocolate to marshmallows is tricky. Does adding different flavors to marshmallows require further adjustments in a recipe?

Chocolate is tricky because it contains fat. The base recipe for the marshmallows is fat-free. All of the mass-produced marshmallows of which we are aware are actually "chocolatey" not chocolate in the same type of version. Chef Alexa practiced a lot and revised the current recipe many times (always looking to improve) to get where we are, now. Chocolate marshmallows will always be denser--not as "fluffy" because of the fat. 

Of all of the chocolatey varieties of marshmallows that 240Sweet makes, what is your personal favorite?

Chocolate Decadence is my personal favorite. (The Chocolate Cult will be reviewing this gourmet marshmallow for the first time this coming Saturday!)

Since our last interview with a few years back, 240Sweet has also changed locations. Where can people find you know if they want to visit your store?

Please come visit us at 9600 N US Highway 31 in Columbus, Indiana, 47201.

Would you give us your website again so that all of us who can't visit your physical location can check you out?

I just saw you recently at a street fair in Bloomington, Indiana. I know that 240Sweet often travels to various locations and events. Are there any big events before the end of 2015 you'd like to tell our readers about?

We're always on the go with fun and excitement. Please visit our blog at to find out where we will be next. We also send out updates (and special offers) to our Fan Club Members. People can sign up (there) or it at our website. Often, we'll send out an email with a special exclusively for Fan Club Members to come see us at events. Recently, we gave out tee shirts to people who came to see us and showed us their Fan Club email.

240Sweet T-shirt and Mug
Also since we last spoke to you, 240Sweet has been featured in food magazines and other types of mass media. Do you have any big interview (besides ours) lined up that we should be on the lookout for?

Not that we can share right now...

Finally, is there anything else you'd like our readers to know about 240Sweet?

We have some great changes coming out still this year, including a new webstore and new products. We're super excited about them!

Thank you, Sam, for talking with me today.  Sisters and Brothers in Chocolate, please leave comments below. If you ask a question, maybe Sam will see it and answer you.


Doreen Pendgracs said...

I love gourmet marshmallows! They're so much better than the commercial grade marshmallows, and the flavours are so vibrant! Thx for introducing us to 240Sweet.

The Chocolate Priestess said...

We've been covering them for a few years now. There are several neat chocolate and candy shops in Indiana that I've discovers as I've traveled around it.

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