Friday, October 30, 2015

Homewmade Halloween 2015 Treats

This week I tried out some ideas for homemade chocolatey treats because this year instead of buying mass produced candy to give out, we are giving out fake tattoos, stickers, mini pens, buttons, and colors. But my family and friends still want something spooky to enjoy. I figured I could control the ingredients if I made a few things and when Country Crock (whom I've tested before) contacted me with their October recipes and asked if I'd give them a try, I looked into it. Previously Country Crock gave me freebie coupons for two of their products and I tested one recipe so this is sponsored by that other coupon; otherwise I was not paid in any way to mention their products.

I looked at one of the Country Crock recipes, Halloween Marshmallow Crispies, and decided I could do it a bit healthier or at least with fewer calories. This is the result. Aren't they cute? They come in at 124 calories a piece; yes, that includes everything you see here, the bar, the frosting, and the candies.

This is how I made it.

Double Chocolate Spooky Halloween Rice Krispies Treats

6 cups Cocoa Rice Krispies Cereal
6 T Original Country Crock Spread
4 oz German's 48% Chocolate
10 oz bag of Miniature Marshmallows
Spooky candies (this is where your calorie count will change)
7 T Skim milk
3 C Powdered Sugar
Food Dye (I used blue and yellow to make a soft green)

1) Place a large sauce pan over lowest heat and add in 3T of Country Crock and your marshmallows.

2) Spray a pan so that your treats do not stick. The size of the pan will determine the amount of calories per bar. I used an 13 X 9 X 2 in pan so that the bars are thick.

3) Break up the chocolate into smaller pieces, the smaller the faster they will melt but don't take too long because you need to get back to your marshmallows.

4) Stir the marshmallow and Country Crock and add in your chocolate. Stir until all of the marshmallows disappear and the mixture is smooth and chocolatey.

5) Add in the crisp rice and stir together until all of the puff grain is covered with chocolate and marshmallows. This may seem easier than when you just use marshmallows because of the added chocolate.

6) Spoon or pour into your prepared pan and smooth out as flat as you can. Place this in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.

7) While that cools, cut parchment to line a larger flat pan -- I used a 17 X 11 X 1 in cookie sheet.

8) Use an electric mixer up your frosting using the remaining ingredients. I alternate the milk and sugar but use the 3 T of Country Crock right away. You'll need to experiment with the dye to find a color you like or just go with white. You can also go with a tub of frosting but that has more fats and calories.

9) Take the set crispy rice out of the refrigerator and carefully turn them out onto the parchment lined pan. Now cut them into the sizes you want and leave space between each piece. I cut mine into 24 pieces.

10) Spread the frosting over the treats then return them to the refrigerator for 5 minutes.

11) Remove from refrigerator and decorate with any Halloweeny candies you like. You can even add other frostings but I used only enough candies to add in 4 calories per bar for a total calorie count of 124!

12) Store in the refrigerator until you serve.

I also tried a mold candy kit from Baker's Chocolate that I got last year. Trying to use regular food dye to dye chocolate is a no-go -- I'll need to research what I should use for the future -- so I ended up with only half of my white chocolate for the ghosts.  I used the mixed together leftover candy melts from the Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls testing last weekend to make more ghosts and jack o'lanterns, waste not, right?

Now we'll see if anyone comes over to our open house on Halloween afternoon to help us eat these treats! Don't forget to vote for this year's 7th Annual Halloween Treat Challenge Winner here.

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