Saturday, October 17, 2015

Puzzle Out this Halloween Treat

In the past we've featured chocolate that you play with in terms of making a chocolate treat. This year as part of our 7th Annual Halloween Treat Challenge, the folks from Enjoû Chocolat sent us their Pumpkin Puzzle to try out via the website which networks over 200 small, independent chocolate shops from around  the USA and Canada. The product information on is not correct for this product; there are not nuts in it but I am sure there is dairy (it is milk chocolate after all) and probably a soy lecthin given the texture and taste but since the ingredients are not on the package, I can't be sure. I was sent this product via so that I could test it, write about here on this blog, and post a review on their website; otherwise no other compensation was received for my honest review.

As you can see, the pumpkin puzzle I was sent has four pieces. You can see that is it milk chocolate but it also has a green stem and orange highlights, making this look a bit like a reverse jack o'lantern. When we look closer at these colored sections it looks like it was added to the milk chocolate after it set. The colors could be made with either white chocolate or a white candy coating, without ingredients I can't be sure but I broke off these sections and tried them alone as well as with the milk chocolate. Alone these is very sweet but not creamy so I'm guessing this is a colored candy coating that has been dyed. No one of the three who helped me test this could taste any dye. The colored candy coating blended well with the milk chocolate sections.

The milk chocolate makes up the bulk of the pumpkin puzzle and I could break them easily with my hands every though you can see it is over an inch thick. Breaking it up or taking a bite made a soft snap but otherwise the milk chocolate simply melted quickly after a few chews. The milk chocolate is creamy and slightly sweet, less sweet than I thought it might be. The vanilla sharply appears after the third chew then blends back into the milk chocolate. When I let a piece melt in my mouth, it heightens the creamy quality of the flavor while it coated my tongue, mouth, and throat. The chocolate has a slightly waxy texture that suggests a lecithin  that would help keep the puzzle's shape during shipping from the store; this texture doesn't distract from the pleasure in eating this.

This Pumpkin Puzzle is a fun gift for a young child who may be learning to put together simple puzzle or for an adult who prefers milk chocolate and has a love of cute Halloween things. Mine came with this lovely two-ribbon decoration on it which gave it a gift look. Our Milk Chocolate Acolyte really liked it a lot and even our White Chocolate Acolyte enjoyed it. On Enjoû Chocolat website I discovered that you can also order it in dark chocolate which I think would have been amazing to try out. has a lot of Halloween treats on their site so go check it out because you have a few only before the spooky night is upon you.

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