The Chocolate Cult: Steampunk, Vintage Shopping on The Chocolate Walk

Monday, October 12, 2015

Steampunk, Vintage Shopping on The Chocolate Walk

Today is another look at our forthcoming Pilgrimage to the Brown County Humane Society's Annual Chocolate Walk that I hope all of you who live within a few hours of Nashville, Indiana, will be attending in November. For those of you who love shopping for vintage items, unique items, and even steampunk style items, this is the interview for you.

Thank you, Nancy, for talking with us here on The Chocolate Cult today about your participation in the Brown County Humane Society's Annual Chocolate Walk. Would you tell us about your business, 4th Sister Vintage, and your role there?

4th Sister Vintage is owned by Artist Nancy Crocker, it carries fun vintage items from bar-ware to larger furniture.  Nancy also sells her utilitarian art and upcycled items in her store.  It is located in the front room of the Olde Magnolia House Inn at 213 S Jefferson St, Nashville, In 47448.
The best place for people to see my work is my Facebook page

One of the great things about this annual event is that it connects two great loves in many people's lives: pets and chocolate. How did you get involved with the Chocolate Walk?

I have two 75 pound retriever mix dogs.  The Human Society is an integral part of our community and supporting it and it's endeavors seems logical as a shop owner and dog lover.  One of it's volunteers came by my store and we started talking and I signed up on the spot.   In my other life I was a Home Economics teacher and I love to bake so it was a good fit for me.

How long has the 4th Sister Vintage been a stop on the Chocolate Walk?

This will be my second year.  I have been open since June of 2013.

Do you have pets of your own and if so, what do you have?

Teddy is my 75 pound Goldendoodle and Max is the same size Flat Coat Retriever.  I also have a couple of porch cats that have warmed their way into my heart from the house next door.  

Do you like chocolate? Do you have a preference for white, milk, or dark chocolate?

YES!  Darker the better!

Do you all make the treats you give out at your shop for the Chocolate Walk? If not, how do you get them? If you do make them, who does all of that work and how long does it take?

My sister in Bloomington made them last year.  I helped but she did most of the work.  It took a couple of days.  The hardest part is packing them into the small containers.

Such a large event is certain to be filled with challenges. What is the largest challenge your shop deals with during the event?

The distribution spot, my store is pretty small.  I am lucky to have family that will help.

Your shop focuses on furniture. Would you tell us more about the services you offer and the types of furniture you sell.

Furniture is just one part of the store.  I also sell home decor, some antiques and just fun things I find.  All of my items are gently used.  I do my art on usable objects such as jewelry boxes, suitcases, picnic baskets and my favorite thing.....anything metal.  I am also a steampunk artist and I love to make weird lamps etc...out of otherwise out of use objects.  

FInally, is there anything you'd like our readers to know about your business that we haven't asked about?

I love to share ideas with others that are like minded and my favorite thing to do is custom orders.  Making something for someone specific and knowing where it is going is fun for me.  I have attached a picture of my most recent piece for you.  It is called "Hot Pink Suitcase Girls"

Thank you so much, Nancy, for speaking with us. I know several folks who may be very interested in your shop and the things you make. So who out there is going to the Chocolate Walk?


Anonymous said...

Nice dogs.

The Chocolate Priestess said...

They look great, don't they? And this is a great cause. If you can attend, do it!

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