The Chocolate Cult: Use Some Red Velvet Mice To Scare Your Guests

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Use Some Red Velvet Mice To Scare Your Guests

This year is our 7th Annual Halloween Treat Challenge. Brands send us their creepy and tasty creations and we test them to see if they might be what you need to hand out to trick o'treaters or add to your party. Today we start with a fairly new company that could become big if they continue to be creative, keep testing their ideas, and are able to get some great couverture to work with. Pied Piper Chocolates starts the Halloween season off with their Red Velvet Mouse. If you recall our interview with the man behind Pied Piper Chocolates, you'll recall some other photos of this creation in white chocolate that looks very creepy. Go back and check that out, it's okay, you can come back to this page again.

I shot photos of this Red Velvet Mouse against a few backgrounds and as you can see that really affects what is looks like. For Halloween you might think that black would be the go-to color but look at how pale the critter is against this black tablecloth. You can see a hint of red on the back hunches that is a bit spooky. A red or orange background might either draw that out more of dampen that down, experiment to find out.

If you put the mouse on a light background such as this white plate, the chocolate is much darker in color but you can't see the hints of the red velvet as much except the tops of the ears. Backgrounds matter in photography and to the human eye so think about that when you are laying out a Halloween table for your guests or family. But let's turn to the Red Velvet Mouse itself.

This has a strong cocoa fragrance and but also a scent that reminds me of red velvet cake I've eaten in the past -- a little sweet, a little chocolate, and a bit of dye smell, too. Cutting it in half I could see the bright red velvet cake layer on the bottom. What you can't see in the photo as well as my eyes could is a reddish gel layer separated by a layer of the milk chocolate. The mouse cut with a small bit of effort, making a sharp crunch sound through the thickest layer on the bottom.  The tail part has neither gel nor cake so this allowed me to test the milk chocolate itself and it is pretty average. Again when Pied Piper can invest in better couverture it should be able to put out excellent creations.

The top gel layer has a slight cherry flavor to it, both tart and sweet at the same time. It blends well into the creamy milk chocolate mold and into the cake layer as well. The red velvet cake layer is very dense and is far more chocolate flavored than any red velvet cake I've had before. In fact, just give me this type of cake and I'd be happy. The trick for Pied Piper was getting a bit of the cake flavor and texture but not so much that it destroyed the molded pieces fitting together.

Imagine if you would multiple red velvet mice and rats... Actually we don't have to imagine because Pied Piper showed us such a layout. Add different lighting, a different under and background, and then spread out the critters over your Halloween table and I think this would be an awesome look for your party. Plus both kids and adults so like this blend of milk chocolate, cherry gel, and red velvet cake. Leave a comment and let us and the man behind Pied Piper Chocolate know what you think of these ideas. If you think these are something you might like for your Halloween, check out Pied Piper Chocolate Etsy site. Remember they are a fairly new company and your orders will help them greatly.

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