The Chocolate Cult: What are Your Halloween Treat Choices for 2015?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What are Your Halloween Treat Choices for 2015?

I know that all of us what excellent but we also need to watch how much money we spend. This is particularly tricky at Halloween when you may have dozens to well over a hundred kids coming by your house. We'll have between 150-200 ourselves on Halloween. The problem with cheap candy isn't just the calories but also issues of fair trade, sustainable farming, and supporting your local community. We've look at some excellent high quality chocolates so far but let's get real; most of you won't be spending that kind of money. But let's say that you are willing to spend a bit more for some select trick o'treaters. What are your options. This year I want to look at two possible options -- Snickers and Twix. I received one of these for free through my Kroger loyalty card and paid 99 cents for the other; either could have been free with my card so it honestly don't matter which is which, right?

Here they are unwrapped and as you can see, the Snickers Pumpkin is a tallish jack o'lantern while the Twix Ghost is basically a design on the oval of candy. Both are from Mars so it isn't surprising that the ingredients are fairly similar; both have cocoa butter and chocolate (probably liquor or mass) and also a lot of preservatives and added sugars and fats; the Twit also had cocoa powder.

What would you expect these to taste like? The regular candy bars Snickers and Twix, right? Inside you can see that they look very similar. The Snickers peanuts are in smaller pieces but otherwise this tasted, smelled, felt, and sounded the same when I and our Milk Chocolate Acolyte tried it. The Twix basically was the same as the regular candy in every way but the basic look and shape it.

This is the sort of thing that my grandmother would have given out to her grandkids. Would you give these out to any trick o'treaters in your life? Why or why not?


Lawrence Nelson said...

My old standards are always mini Hershey bars and mini mounds bar and whatever else I like I can find. Somethings I also get a big bag of mixed candy

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Do you get a lot of trick or treaters where you live, Lawrence?

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