Saturday, October 31, 2015

Winner! 2015 Halloween Treat Challenge

This was our 7th Annual Halloween Treat Challenge. The winner may claim 30 days of FREE sidebar ad space (something that we do not sell directly to companies normally here on The Chocolate Cult) for any month they wish until this blog ceases to exist. Let's review the entries to see who won.

Pied Piper Chocolates' Red Velvet Mouse while very unique and wonderfully crafted really requires a better couverture to make it the best it can be. As Pied Piper Chocolates grows, I hope they will be able to invest in better basic chocolate to work with.

Seattle Chocolate sent two categories of treats.

Their BOO! Box had three types of truffles -- Pumpkin Spice, Salted Almond, and Espresso. The first two flavors were great but we have mixed opinions about the coffee variety.

Their six full sized chocolate bars -- Devil's Delight, PB & J, Dead Sea Salt, Campers' S'Mores, Choc-o-Lantern, and Lemon Ice -- were all good so this is very much a contender for our winner status.

Finally from and Enjoû Chocolat we got a Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Puzzle. This tasted like we expected and the simple puzzle nature makes it a fun idea to send as a gift. This is also a contender for winner status.

I had hoped more of you would have voted this week to share your feelings about who should win but not enough of you did to really make it worth factoring into our decision. It always comes down to the quality of chocolate here on The Chocolate Cult but for Halloween it also needs to reflect what most of you may be doing with chocolate during this season.

With that in mind, The Seattle Chocolate full-sized bars are this year's Halloween Treat Challenge Winner. While not many of you may give out full-sized candy bars, this company's prices are reasonable for the quality and they have a lot of good social, environmental, and economics practices that should make you proud to support them. My grandmother would have loved these for all of us grandkids. with her memory in mind, Congrats to Seattle Chocolate!

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