Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dark Chocolate Malted Balls for the Holidays

Askinosie is one of our favorite brands here on The Chocolate Cult. We were thrilled when they sent us this 150g canister of their new Chocolate Covered Malt Balls but don't let the title fool you; these are dark chocolate. They came in this silver tin can with very simple label that proclaims the chocolate and cocoa butter are from Mababu, Tanzania cocoa beans. I was sent this product to test and write about in as objective and honest way as possible for you all; no other compensation was received in exchange for this article.

The first thing I notice when I break the paper strip over the lid and open the container is that there is a very strong dark cocoa fragrance. As you can see the jar is packed with these dark chocolate balls. It is not cocoa on the top nor it is shiny chocolate. The chocolate itself is very simple -- the chocolate, the cocoa butter, and organic cane-sugar. The malt balls are where we get a longer list of ingredients that include wheat, milk, and coconut oil which are potential allergens. Luckily I do not have any of these allergens so I can try these and I am eager to do so.

In this photo you see one serving worth of the chocolate covered malt balls, there should be four servings per container. Even one ball has that strong cocoa scent. It makes a very loud cracking sound when I bite one in half. Inside is a pale grainy center and I can see that the chocolate coating is fairly thick. I'll try to take a photo and show you below. The dark chocolate flavor is intense yet smooth, it is not sweet and the malt ball is also not sweet, it has a moderate malt flavor that quickly dissipates so that the dark chocolate flavor can return. If you let one of these set in your mouth you can slow work the chocolate layer off, it will be more intense but still smooth, the malted essence does not come out stronger but the ball disintegrates quickly.

How do these Chocolate Covered Malt Balls sound to all of you reading today? Leave a comment and let us and Askinosie know! I am not a huge malted milk balls fan though I have enjoyed some malted milks every now and then; I really loved these! I have a soft spot for dark chocolate and I'm been very pleased with dark Askinosie chocolate bars before so this does not surprise me. This earns Sacrament Status! I shared these with a malted milk ball fan and he is not a dark chocolate fan but the malted quality was enough to please him. If they sound good you might also like their Collaboration Bar of the same flavor. The good thing about shopping online for Askinosie products is that least in the USA if you buy $35 worth of products shipping is free and so you can get a lot of wonderful gifts with no shipping costs!

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