Monday, December 7, 2015

Can Chocolate Help these Ugly Sweaters?

As I've mentioned before, I've done some product testing and party throwing for brands via the Tryazon product. These are competitive programs often with only 50 bloggers being chosen to test out products and give out freebies to their guests. I try to combine these with ongoing monthly or seasonal events because everyone I know is busy. We were picked as one of 50 for this promotion from Sweet Creations. to make it more relevant I added cocoa to some of the cookies and chocolate to the decorating options.

Look at this cool kit that Sweet Creations sent me. It has a huge cookie cutter, two decorating bottles for frosting, decorative parchment paper to wrap cookies up in and boxes to put them in, the decorative stamp roller with three stamping wheels, and 8 minis spatulas with holiday designs that I gave out to the top decorators at our party. All of it came in this big, heavy duty bag that I'll put to good use when I go grocery shopping.

Since this is The Chocolate Cult, I decide to make the cookies as the recipe on the back of the cutter suggested but also ones with organic cocoa that I had left over from Equal Exchange.

The sweater cookies are huge! Bigger than the boxes that were sent but I put these together and added one of the decorative parchment papers to each because we had a lot of other treats at our party. A few people packed other treats in them and one broke up her sweater cookie to make it fit but the boxes really needed to be biggers, Sweet Creations.

We sent up one table for our guests to decorate the sweater cookies on. I stayed upstairs where I could help anyone who wanted to do this. This was our table layout. The kit had a letter that said I was given four decorating bottles but I was only sent two so I added in two others that I got as a gift for the 2014 Cookie Swap. I made red, blue, green, and yellow frosting for these bottles. As you can see I also added other frostings that we had on hand so guests could really make the cookies ugly if they wanted to.

Most people shared the table to decorate their cookies. In total, 13 of our 17 guests made created ugly sweater on the pre-made cookies. Below you see two guests working side-by-side but creating two very different ugly sweaters.

I took a photo of each decorator and their cookie. It would be 13 photos to share with you all so I'll just show the top three.. After the party my family picked the top three basing our choice to two criteria. First it had to be Christmas themed in some fashion. Second it had to be ugly, something that if we received as a gift we'd be horrified to wear. I will give the winners their own cute dual spatula set as a prize. Here are our top three ugly sweaters.




Sweet Creations has kits and products of a general nature and for seasonal holidays and events as well. I can only write about this one kit but if you have used other of their products, please do leave a comment and let us and them know what you liked or didn't like about it.


mavido79 said...

My sweater may be ugly but the vertical stripes will be slimming. Thanks so much for the party. It was great fun.

TammyJo Eckhart said...

I'm glad you could make it! We couldn't do The Chocolate Cult without your help over the years.

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