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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Make Your Own Candy Bars for the Holidays

Earlier this year I received this easy chef Chocolate Bar Maker from Moose Toys PTY LTD through the Amazon Vine program. Instead of only reviewing it on Amazon, I thought all of you might be interested in this product as a possible gift to give or a tool to use as you celebrate these late autumn and winter holidays. I hope this will work well because I've been using silicone molds to make chocolates and candy with for a few years now. The trick to this kit needs to go beyond some molds so let's see what it has to offer.

The kit includes these items which I took photos of for you all!

Easy Squeezer -- This is the big deal of this kit because instead of melting your chocolate in a pan or bowl and then needing to spoon or pour this device should allow more direct control over your creation. This is what you put your chocolate to melt it in the microwave. If you use something like Baker's brand chocolate, you can fit 9 pieces in easily as shown in the little booklet but you can keep adding in chocolate as it melts and you stir it. Also, you don't need to set your microwave on the lowest setting, 80% works in about the time that the booklet says it should take to melt different types of chocolate. By the way, this thing is a pain to clean.

Deco Nozzle -- This is really just the tip for the Easy Squeezer.

Large Sharing Mold and Large Swirl top Mold are very easy to use with or without the Filling Pockets.

Sharing Filling Pocket and Swirl Filling Pocket are to use with the Large Sharing Molds. This basically adds in an extra 20 minutes prep time to making bars but they are not difficult to use if you follow the directions. The Pockets clearly easily but they are also very flimsy compared to the molds so be careful.

2 Fun Size Smooth Molds are also easy to use but when you add in the 3 Mold Inserts (6 designs) it does make it slightly more difficult to remove the cooled chocolate. I discovered that white chocolate shows the patterns much better than dark or even milk chocolate. The Inserts are challenging to wash as per instructions but I found a soft brush worked great. In fact, the soft brush worked for all of the molds and the Squeezer's lid just not the Squeezer itself, you need a washcloth for that.

4 Wrappers -- Really? Only four of them? And the website does not offer any way to buy more wrappers.

1 Sticker Sheet (4 Labels) -- These are for the wrappers and again I'll point out that this really isn't very much to work with.

Instruction Booklet -- Is very small, just 4 pages, and primarily images to show you what to do. If you need with bar ideas, there is a "menu" of 9 suggested pairings but I just went with what I had on hand and played around with the kit.

How did all of these items work together to make chocolate and candy bars? Yes!

It takes time, patience, and constant clearing to use this kit. I made 14 bars in about 2 hours and 40 minutes starting from when I opened the first chocolate bar to break it up to when the last mold came out of the freezer and I popped the bar out. Because you cool these in the freezer they melt in your hands very fast so you need to store them in the refrigerator until it is time to serve. I think they look pretty, don't you. As to how they tasted well that can't be praised or blamed on the molds but on me. And they turned tasty! If you are thinking of using this with your kids, I recommend one kit per child it will speed up your process of making bars and cut back on competition for the molds, inserts, and filling pockets as well.

If you follow our links and purchase this Chocolate Bar Maker through these links, you'll be feeding The Chocolate Cult through our affiliate program with Amazon. If you want to get some melting candy to go with it, you can also follow the link below to get a bundled deal also through Amazon; to be blunt, it would be less expensive to just go buy chocolate in your local grocery store but just in case you want to do the bundle, here you go.

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