Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Best Chocolate We Tested on The Chocolate Cult in 2015

2015 ends... how was the year for you?

We covered a lot of brands and creators in 2015 and to remind us all of what has happened here on The Chocolate Cult below is the list of the chocolate makers, sellers, brands, writers, and artists who work with or write about chocolate that we've featured in the order in which we covered them. This was a varied year ranging from kids items to high-end products, from things you can find in many stores to items you must purchase online or in one small boutique.

Here is our list starting from the earliest in 2015 to just before today.

Kidz Zone
Equal Exchange
Morning Pep
Rescue Chocolate
Jiva Organics
Pasha Chocolate
Voilà Chocolat
Russell Stover
My Chocolate Kit
Wellington Chocolate Factory
Brownie Brittle
Voila Chocolat
Viva Labs
South Beach
Peter Sis
Brookside Chocolate
The Nut Shoppe, Inc.
Nick Splading
Pied Piper Chocolates
Country Crock
Lake Champlain Chocolates
Seattle Chocolates
Enjoû Chocolat
Rhodes Bread
Zall Good
Vino Mio
Sweet Creations
Moose Toys
Cool Baker
Francois et Mimi

Weirdly many of the products we've been sent were not chocolate but tools, toys, or ingredients. That really narrows down the list, doesn't it? But still we had some very good chocolate to choose from.

The brand we picked is one that has sent us products for two years so we've gotten a good feel for their range of products from bars to pralines and covering the full spectrum of chocolate from white to dark. We haven't loved everything they have sent but when you get to test a wide range you understand how a company approaches chocolate, and chocolate is something this brand does very well. Beyond chocolate they are attempting to educate their buyers and the general public about chocolate with a blog, a historical section of their website, and the creation of some very lovely videos. They are a newer player in the industry and so you may not know them except through our blog or if you live in their home country of Germany. We have been honored by their trust of our test and writing about their creations.

Our 2015 Best Chocolate is: Chocion! Please leave comments below to congratulate them!

Previous Best of the Year on The Chocolate Cult have included:
Michel Cluizel (2014)
Askinosie Chocolate (2013)
TCHO (2012)
American Heritage Chocolate (2011)
Guittard (2010)

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