Tuesday, January 12, 2016

#EdibleCreativity -- You Got It?

Yesterday when I was making dinner I was struck by this realization: Cooking can be very creative for me.

Creativity in cooking, or #EdibleCreativity if you like (I came up with that, start using it!) isn't about making beautiful food, or healthy food, or tasty food, or cheap food, or any other category of food, not even chocolate.

I know you just about fell off your chair when you read that last part right?

#EdibleCreativity is about being able to live in the moment when you are cooking, baking, or candy making.

#EdibleCreativity is about having a variety of ingredients on hand that you can pull together.

#EdibleCreativity is about being willing to take risks with ingredients.

#EdibleCreativity is about having the basic, and some moderate, skills in food preparation so you know how to prepare food.

#EdibleCreativity is is about having the knowledge of what types of ingredients work well together across a range of cultures.

#EdibleCreativity is about having a support family that will try out the things you make and give constructive and honest feedback.

#EdibleCreativity is a willingness to access the final process and the steps to repeat successes or make changes.

#EdibleCreativity is the belief that food is more than energy, it is pleasure, it is method, it is drive, that helps you live better.

Is cooking creative for you?

Leave a comment and tell me if you see cooking as a form of #EdibleCreativity then tweet about it using that hashtag. Let's bring a renewed passion to cooking this year.


Madelyn Miller said...

Since I travel frequently i often have minimal fresh ingredients.
So my cooking style is Iron Chef and it leads to interesting recipes

I think I will call it edible creativity from now on

TammyJo Eckhart said...

That sounds like a wonderfully challenging and ever changing way to be practice #EdibleCreavity, Maredlyn. Thank you for sharing that.

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