Saturday, January 2, 2016

Purple SIlicone Baking Gear

I've gone from no silicone baking mats to a surplus! I now have four silicone baking mats; I don't need more unless they wear out which I hope will not be for several years. This latest set is from Bonjour Cuisine and boasts two mats plus a spatula all in a bright purple design. I can always use a new spatula. I tested the mats and the spatula so I'll reveal how they worked in this review. Two questions I imagine you want answered: If you love purple and you love to bake, would this be the perfect gift for you? If there is someone in your life who is getting their own place with a kitchen who loves to bake, would this be a good gift for them? Let's find out. I received a coupon to cover the cost of this trio of items from Bonjour Cuisine via the Tomoson program and through in exchange for testing and an honest review; no other form of compensation was received.

The first thing to note is that the Bonjour Cuisine mats are a bit smaller than other mats that I've been set to test. In terms of width, both it and the Zall Good mat are the same: 11 inches.

In terms of length, the Bonjour Cuisine mats are an inch shorter coming in at 15.75 while the Zall Good was 16.75 inches. Note that this mat is rectangular while the previous mat had angled edges which is good for peeling off the baking surface.

Similarly the silicone spatula was on the smaller end of the spatula range. Here I've laid it out alongside some of my other smaller spatulas plus one that I got from another brand last year. Note that the other brand's logo is on the spatula but there is nothing on the Bonjour Cuisine purple bladed one to identify it.

The mats and spatula did not come with instructions on how to use, clean, or store them. Since this is a "set" that suggests it could be a good gift but you'll want to make sure that the person you give it to (or yourself) knows how to care for silicone items. You do not care for them as you do your baking sheets. This is negative for Bonjour Cuisine and one that could be easily remedied with a single page of instructions or information on the box they came in. You can use them for any baking that asks for a greased pan but I also find they were well for non-greased recipes, too. Here you can see the chocolate chip cookies waiting to be put into the oven.

Note that even after baking, the cookies maintained their basic uniform shapes. Let them cool for a couple of minutes and you can remove them with your fingers if you want or use a plastic or silicone turner to remover them; never use metal on the silicone because you might cut it and then the mat is ruined. This Bonjour Cuisine Baking Mat Set is a good idea for a person getting their own place for the first time because they'll get two mats plus a small spatula and they all work well.

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