Saturday, February 27, 2016

Cupcake Checkers!

As you know, The Chocolate Cult, does not only look at candy made with chocolate -- we are open to trying out anything related to chocolate so that chocolate lovers like you can find fun products that are worth your money. Today I want to look at the MaddCapp Game version of checkers called Madd Capp Checkers - Cupcake Lovers Edition. This product might be a calorie free way for you to celebrate an extra National Cupcake Day on Monday, February 29, 2016; we'll also have an interview with a local cupcake business owner. I was sent Madd Capp Checkers to review via the Amazon Vine program.

How is this chocolate related? Unlike the box's idea, the cupcake pieces that you play with come in only two varieties -- pink (strawberry) and brown (chocolate). Here they are laid out on the board from the chocolate view. Chocolate, by the way, always starts the game just like black always starts a traditional checkers game. In effect, the strawberry has replaced the red pieces while the chocolate has replaced the black pieces. The basic rules of checkers still apply as far as we could tell from the directions but there is one big change.

The dice popper! As you can see the lavender color of the popper base matches the lavender squares on the game board above. You basically push down on the plastic dome -- not too hard or it might crack -- and the three dice tell you which color of cupcakes you can more.  You could be making three moves of your own or up to three moves of your opponents pieces. That's the big difference in this game from traditional checkers -- multiple moves and you do not fully control what you can move. This can make it more challenging to plan out your moves in advance since you do not know which dice will come up.

You can't move just any piece that matches the color on the dice however. When a cupcake has moved to the other side of the board you "king" it by placing a candle in the top. These are made of foam material. As you can see they are not identical on each side though why not I'm not sure. You insert them into the top if the cupcake pieces by squeezing the bottom flat and slipping it in. The foam then expands and fits without falling out but is easy to remove with a gentle tug.

Because you make three moves every turn this game of checkers can go much faster than the traditional game. I'm not great at checkers, it wasn't something I grew up playing, but the rest of my family did and so we all tested it. The biggest checkers (and chess) lover in our house really liked this game, I think he would have played it as long as we were willing to go so I imagine we'll be playing this regularly in my house.

Would you buy this game for someone you loved who really like cupcakes? If so, consider ordering it through the link below right now.

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