Saturday, February 6, 2016

Valentine's Gift for Bakers

Maybe instead of buying chocolate you'd like to make something for your Valentine. Or perhaps your Valentine loves candy making or baking. Will BrilliantChef's Premium 12 Cup Silicone Muffin and Cupcake Complete Bundle be a good gift to give to your lover for Valentine's Day? To test it out I made blueberry muffins with white and milk chocolate drizzle. I'll be blunt: I used a mix for the muffins but I melted real white and milk chocolate for the drizzle. Sometimes I love mixes when I'm very busy and stressed. Don't judge my mix useage! BrilliantChef sent me this product through the Tomoson program in exchange for an honest review here and on; no other form of compensation was received for this article.

The Bundle includes the muffin pan that can be used in temps up to 450°F, 50 paper muffin cups with red and pink heart designs, a average sized silicone spatula, and a silicone pastry brush. I've never used paper cups with silicone pans before, frankly you really don't need them, but since these came with the bundle I used them to see if they are affected in any negative way by the silicone pan. The silicone brush will be a nice addition to baking or cooking but not really for this project. I did use the spatula and it worked great, it is just firm enough to get all of the mix out of the bowl but also flexible enough to get manouver around the bowl easily.

First thing I note when I take the baked muffins out of the oven is that the muffins sort of flop over the edges... I've noticed this with other silicone pans that I haven't noticed with metal pans so it isn't an issue with this brand but may be an issue with using silicone versus metal. Once these had cooled for about 20 minutes they popped out easily. Since I made blueberry muffins there was some blue on the silicone but it washed easily.

The paper cups preformed as expected for this type of product. They didn't leave any residue on the silicone pa and the muffins came out really well from the wrapping. I topped these with white chocolate and then attempted to draw a heart in 48% chocolate. I'm not great with decorating by hand but this is okay, isn't it? As you can see in the background, I used a bakery paper box to hold the muffins as I decorated them and then to store them. The average size from our local grocery store held all 12 muffins I made. Basically I kept this box, washed it out, and then reused it. Why not? It saved money and held them well.

You can follow a link on the insert in the box to sign up at BrilliantChef and get a free ecookbook as wel. The ecookbook has 26 pages and 20 recipes. It also offers an introduction to muffins and cupcakes in case you don't know the difference and want to learn. Here is a screenshot of the cover of the ecookbook.

If you liked this product, check it out on Amazon. If you hurry, you can order it today and it might get to you by next Sunday which is Valentine's Day.

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