Saturday, March 19, 2016

Chocolate Cookies & Cream Protein

We've looked at "health" products with chocolate in the past here on The Chocolate Cult but this is the first time we've looked at a protein supplement with chocolate. This Designer Protein Lite Powder, Chocolate Cookies and Cream, 9.03 Ounce was sent to us via the Amazon Vine program from Designer Protein Lite. One scoop of the mix plus 6-8oz of water, skim milk, almond milk, or soy milk, adds 10 extra grams of protein and an additional 60 calories to which ever liquid you decide to try. It also adds seven other vitamins and minerals as well as 4 grams of fiber. It is made with Alkalized Cocoa and also has milk and soy in it in case those might be allergens for you. It also has a lot of added ingredients with chemical names; this doesn't really seem "natural" from the ingredient label.

One serving of this is equal to one scoop that comes in the canister as you can see in this photo below. It is very easy to measure this way but unless it tastes good, unless it tastes like chocolate cookies and cream, would you really want to use it? Let's find out if it does.

First, I tried mine with 8 oz of skim milk because that is our normal go-to drink after water and I was a bit wary of trying this with water to begin with though as you'll see I did try it with just water later. The powder itself has a strong soy scent along with a definite chocolate cookie fragrance. I vigorously mixed it for about 30 seconds. As you can see there are tiny cookie-like flecks in the drink. Once mixed with skim milk the scent turned more cocoa cookie. It certainly tasted like what I would expect ground up chocolate sandwich cookies to taste like in milk so it tastes as it claim with skim milk. However, drink it quickly because if it starts to settle it gets a thick, grainy texture.

What about with water? I next tried it with 8 oz of filtered water. The resulting drink is darker in color and has a strong soy fragrance with less of a chocolate cookie scent. The texture is more grainy and the flavor sweeter as well as of soy. Since I'm not a soy milk fan I didn't like it this way at all. I imagine that using soy milk would intensify the soy flavor more but using almond milk would counter that a bit. Ultimately what you mix this with matters a lot in terms of texture and flavor.

If this mix sounds like it might meet a need you have, then give it a try using the link below.

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