Saturday, March 12, 2016

Improve Daylight Savings Time with Candy

Tomorrow will be Daylight Savings Time here where I love and we'll set our clocks back an hour. We'll lose an hour of time is how we think about it. It causes all sorts of stress and people miss meetings or events on not just the Sunday it happens but even the Monday afterwards. This made me think about the Snickers ads I've been seeing for a while. You know the ones where an actor known for playing grumpy characters is subbing in for another actor or character because they are hungry. Eating a Snickers will fix the problem and help their moods. Since I got this Snickers Crisper for free with my Kroger Loyalty card I thought today might be a good day to test the commercials' theories.

Claims that chocolate or sugar can give you energy is old. In fact, food, in particular calories, is indeed the energy that our bodies use for everything. Not all calories are equal in terms of how long they fuel our bodies or how our bodies use them, but at the most basic level a food calorie is a food calorie. Yes, drink calories count, too, you don't get to just dismiss them. I know since I had to track and (continue to track) them all while working on losing 110 pounds over the past several years. But enough about me, let's look at this candy bar.

This candy bar clocks in at 190 calories not terrible for a midday snack but we're told not as good as let's say fruit or granola might be. I'm going into this with a slight headache, feeling tired, and a bit grumpy myself so I think this will be a good test... who would play a grumpy version of me? Leave suggestions in the comments.

I cut one piece of the two pieces in half so you can see that it is full of crisp rice, peanuts, and caramel at the top. It has a strong sugary caramel scent with an undercurrent of chocolate and peanuts. The top is softer when I take a bite but it is still crunchy and stay crunchy with each chew. The first flavor is cocoa followed by caramel, rice, and then the peanut. A too intense sweet rice flavor lingers in my mouth. It okay but I don't like it as much as a regular snickers really.

Did it get rid of my headache and give me a burst of energy? Sure. I also know from experience that cheese, apple slices, fiber bars, really pure and dark chocolate, and a host of other things do as well. Plus most of those other snacks don't have palm oil in them if that matters to you.

Have you had the Snickers Crisper? Did it satisfy you?


mavido79 said...

Not a Snickers fan so I doubt it would satisfy me.

And I'm drawing a blank on who would play the part of "grumpy chocolate priestess". At first I thought of Carol Suzi (voice of Mrs. Walowitz on Big Bang Theory) but she is no longer with us.

TammyJo Eckhart said...

So sad when she died but I think they dealt with it very well on the show.

Do you think a "grump chocolate priestess" could just be ungrumpified (I'm an author, I can make up words) faster with better chocolate?

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