Saturday, March 26, 2016

Lindor vs. Reese: Which Easter Candy is Your Favorite?

Tomorrow is Easter in the Western tradition of Christianity; Eastern Orthodoxy won't have their for another month! I got this Lindor Milk Chocolate egg for free from our local Kroger and a Reese Egg from Marsh using SavingStar so I thought now is a good time to look at them before tomorrow. Other than getting these two products free, I received no other compensation for my honest review.

The first thing to note is that the Lindor Milk Chocolate Egg is clearly milk chocolate, you can see from the light brown color. Personally I prefer darker chocolate but those weren't covered by the freebie. I didn't know this before but the egg also has a design on it, two sides really, of a sort of egg sitting on the grass with tulips under it. I hope you can see it in this photo. Inside it is milk chocolate truffle cream so double milk chocolate that is very creamy feeling and tasting with a strong vanilla accent to the light chocolate flavor. Very soft to chew with the center melting in my mouth very quickly.

The Reese's Egg is something I grew up loving. I remember eating them with my parents off-season while we were traveling back from Hershey, Pennsylvania... no wonder my weight has always been a concern for me, huh? This freebie was just a big bonus for me since I must confess I'd probably buy these anyway. Easter just doesn't feel "right" to me without these. I note that this is less egglike in shape, longer than I recall in past years. Of course you eat this for the combo of peanut butter of milk chocolate, not the chocolate; you can barely smell the chocolate. While this might look a bit weird this year, the flavor, texture, and smell is exactly the same. It really makes me wonder why it looks longer and less egg shaped this time around, Hershey.

At 98-99¢ a piece both of these treats are a doable higher end candy to include in an Easter basket or on the table for your guests to enjoy. I'm not hosting Easter at home this year but we are going out with a larger group, 11 people, to a brunch. I hope we'll get some folks over for board game afterwards so I've gotten a few other Easter treats you can see below.  Have you bought anything chocolatey for Easter yet? Leave a comment and let us know what you're looking forward to giving out or enjoying yourself tomorrow.

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