Saturday, April 23, 2016

Adorable Cooking Shop Find in South Dakato

I was on a road trip that you'll learn more about next week but today I want to highlight one of the wonderful places I discovered on my travels. I never mentioned that I write feature articles on brands who send us products to review, but the lovely lady at slipped this chocolate bar into my bag so she unknowingly earned this review. Had I only known I would have taken a lot more photos to share with you all! The shop is called The Carrot Seed Kitchen Co. and they are located in Brookings, South Dakota. They offer a wide range of kitchen and cooking items plus classes. In fact, the next time I go back, if they are still in business, the owner, Kirsten, told me that they'd be interested in having me talk about chocolate or host a tasting. How cool would that be?

Speaking of the owner, here is Kirsten behind the counter.

The shop had a lot of neat little items. As you can see in the above photo, there are chocolate bars and treats at the checkout counter. A lot of these are from Terroir Chocolate that I had not heard of before. Kirsten slipped this 2 oz 43% Toasted Sesame bar into my bag when I bought this Chocolate Salt I found over on this display you can see below. This isn't a review of the chocolate but of the shop but I will say that I did like this bar and if the rest of The Carrot Seed's selection is as carefully chosen, this would be a good stop for chocolate.

The display in this photo to the left shows an array of baking mixes along the top that you could buy and most of these were also chocolate. This is also where the shop has other small food items like spices and this is where I found the Chocolate Salt. A baking mix sounds great but I had never seen chocolate before. Since I love to use my Cocoa Chilli powder, I thought this might be great as well plus it should last a long time. If I'd known I'd be getting the bar of chocolate, I would have taken some other photos because there are a couple of chocolate candy molds that were pretty neat as well as an apron with chocolate and dessert images on it.

I know that Brookings, SD, is small and that most of you reading this may never even go to South Dakota but if you are ever out that way do try to check out The Carrot Seed Kitchen Co. You can find the shop in downtown Brookings by looking for this sign on their door or the building top sign that I started this article off with. Their address is 312 Main Avenue. If you do, you'll find a friendly owner and a lot of cute and cool kitchen stuff. While you can't order cookware or mixes from their website, you can get gift cards and sign up for their classes online.

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