Friday, April 22, 2016

Chocolate to Celebrate Earth Day

This is a different type of post today that requires that you, the reader, participate. We've tried a lot of eco-friendly chocolate here on The Chocolate Cult and I'm going to list them below but I need to learn about others I haven't heard of. So leave a comment telling us about a chocolate we have yet written about which is made using ingredients sourced through sustainable agriculture, using organic methods, or which gives back to organizations that promote better care of our planet.

This is just a few of the products we have tested and written about that meet the above criteria:

Antoine Amrani Chocolates -- showed that organic can be pretty to look at as well as healthier for planet and body.

Askinosie Chocolate -- awesome company all around that creates amazingly varied chocolate.

Chocion -- relatively new player in the chocolate world uses fairly traded ingredients as well as organic ones.

Endangered Species Chocolate -- not only uses ingredients consciously but also gives money back to charities to protect animals from extinction.

Equal Exchange -- we've tested numerous products from them and I'm looking forward to sharing our first interview with one of their folks in the forthcoming weeks.

Horizon -- best known for their milk but their organic approach means you can have that chocolate milk with less guilt if not fewer calories.

Intemperantia -- focus on vegan and organic might appeal to many of you.

indi chocolate LLC -- it has been years since we met Erin Andrews and her cosmetics with a conscious.

Kallari -- organic but also coop farming that empowers the cocoa farmer.

Lake Champlain Chocolates -- has a line of chocolate bars that are organic now as well.

 Life by Chocolate -- adorable creations with organic ingredients.

Newman's Own -- organic practices as well as charity support in a wide range of products I can find at local grocery shops as well as our local food co-op.

Pascha -- chocolate that is organic as well as free of most common allergens.

Santa Cruz Organic -- chocolate syrup was better on ice cream than in milk but they are organic.

TerraSource -- help out farmers not just in their fields and on their plantations but also at home with charity work.

Sjaak's -- their focus on organic options has created some good chocolate in the past.

TCHO Chocolate - great product all around but also a focus on organic and fair practices.

What other chocolate have you found that helps us make our planet better?

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