Saturday, June 18, 2016

How to Chocolate Up Popsicle Red Classics

I get offers to cover non-chocolate products on a monthly basis. I have no problem covering products you might be able to use with chocolate such as bakeware, products that feature chocolate like clothing, and books or media about chocolate. I also have no no problem covering products that I can chocolatify via chocolate and cocoa that I have readily on hand. It is with this in mind that I agree to look at the new sugar free product from Popsicle, their "Red Classics" when Unilever contacted me. Unilever sent me a coupon so I could find and acquire the product for free from a local grocery store; no other form of compensation was received for this article featuring my honest assessment of the products.

The great thing about these Sugar Free Popsicles is that they are only 15 calories each which makes it easy to add a bit of chocolate without going crazy on calories. Before we get to that, let's briefly look at the three varieties in the box -- Cherry, Raspberry, and Strawberry. Out of those three I like two of the basic flavors and I have Acolytes who love Raspberry so we have this covered in terms of basic tastes.

I had to think what I could add and immediately I had two ideas -- drizzle with chocolate sauce and coat in chocolate. Which do you think would work best?

I made a chocolate dip from white chocolate and unsweetened chocolate, 50/50 mix, melted in a microwave and then stirred. Then I dipped and rolled each of the four bars below, used a blunt knife edge to scrape off the excess melted chocolate and stuck them in the styrofoam. Note how quickly the melted chocolate solidified. By scraping off the excess, I've added at most 50 calories to the pop. Note: Do not dip these more than a few hours before you serve them. Oddly they actually melted a bit in the freezer after 24 hours!

The sundae chocolate sauce however did not solidify well, it merely dripped so these ended up looking messing. Now you could put the sauce on right before you ate it but it would still drip. How many calories you add them is a matter of how much you put on and when, but it would range from 50-100 calories for this sugar free variety that I used.

There you have it, two ideas of adding chocolate to your Popsicle. What are your ideas? Leave a comment and let me know.

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