Saturday, June 25, 2016

Kozy Up to National Pudding Day 2016

Tomorrow, Sunday, June 26th, is National Pudding Day. In the past, to celebrate this fun food holiday, I've reviewed a homemade pudding cookbook and looked at instant puddings. Today I want to look at KozyShack's Indulgent Recipe line of ready to eat puddings, particularly the Dark Chocolate Variety. I choose this product to review using a coupon for a FREE product that I got from KozyShack in exchange for participating in the Cookie Swap in 2015. They did not expect me to review their product so this is a total surprise to them. No other form of compensation was received for my using these four cups in different ways to test it out and to write honestly about it.

The four pack has cups of 3.75 oz of pudding each. Each cup has 190 calories so  this is not a low calorie pudding. It is made with cocoa processed with alkali and it also contains dairy ingredients and tapioca if those are allergens for you. I used this product a couple of ways as an ingredient in some desserts and alone. When I used it as an ingredient, it worked well and was one less item that I had to make from scratch or worry about not having on hand. This image is of one such dessert that included another product I was sent to review.

Another time, I used items I had on hand, whipped cream, cacao nibs, and two of the puddings to make a larger layered dessert.

Alone, it looks very generic but it has a strong chocolate scent. It has a smooth texture and a slightly creamy taste that doesn't hide the edge of bitterness that I expect from a darker chocolate. Given the other ingredients you need to use to make pudding, creating one that has a dark chocolate flavor would be a challenge, I know having made pudding from scratch, so I am impressed by this product. If it had this many calories but still tasted like instant pudding made with skim milk, I wouldn't be impressed but this does seem like an indulgence in taste, texture, and calories to me.

If you want to celebrate National Pudding Day tomorrow and don't want to make pudding from scratch or an instant mix, I do suggest KozyShack Dark Chocolate Indulgence Recipe snack pack. Play with to create fancy looking dessert or just enjoy alone.


Lisa Kaye said...

Hubby really likes their rice pudding. I've never seen the dark chocolate before. Will definitely have to keep my eye opened for it next time I'm at Kroger.

TammyJo Eckhart said...

They have several varieties it turns out.

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